The Next Family celebrates one year

I have always been a social person willing to chat it up with almost anyone but last night was extraordinary. My writings have taken me to an all new level. I volunteer for the The Next Family website as a marketing person. It started in June and I have been scouring the internet for writers for out site. With great success I have found so many brilliant writers and have been successful in getting them to write their stories about their alternative families....more

The joy of Marlo

I have been walking around with joy in my heart for my friend Marlo. I first met Marlo when I was on the board of VIP (Volunteers in Parole) and we both were mentoring parolees (that's another blog). She was trying to find true love on the dating circuit (eharmony). She was joyful and wonderfully enthusiastic. She wanted to be married and have kids. Marlo is a real giver and nurturer and had this great career so hadn't really thought about marriage and children until her late 30's. One day she comes in to the board meeting and announces she thinks she has found the one. I cheered....more

Pay It Forward Friday


May I ask why you've chosen to go overseas for adoption vs. going stateside?more

It Gets Better: How to Fight Homophobia

At dinner last night, TW and I were happily reading our Twitter streams and surfing our feeds when we both noticed the great news out of our former home state of Florida. The ban on gay adoptions has been ruled unconstitutional and Governor Crist says Florida will immediately stop the ban on gay adoptions. ...more

Wow, that's a gorgeous family. I knew you had kids, but SIX of them? WOW. As you know, I had two ...more

Our Last Weekend Without Laila

We finally got the call today we've been waiting on. Laila's social worker called this morning to tell us exactly when "the move" would take place. After talking with Laila, she has decided to move her on Monday. Laila asked to take the weekend to say goodbye to her family and the people at her church. It breaks my heart to think about how hard this has to be for her. I'm sure it's confusing too. The social worker did say one thing that made my day....more

I can't wait!

Blessed Mommy


So Far This Week

We took Laila to church with us for the first time last Sunday. She got nervous on the way and started saying her tummy hurt. I could tell she was a little scared so I promised her that Elizabeth would stay with her the whole time. Having sister close by seemed to make her feel better. I sing in the praise team and during music I saw her sitting on the front row. During the first song she just stood there. On the second she started clapping along. By the third song she was actually dancing and really getting into it....more

Soncek Sije - the adventures of a new mom and new farmer

Adopting an eight year old boy and becoming the steward of 23 acre property on a northwestern gulf island in the same year = steep learning curve for this woman. An avid beekeeper and organic gardener - I am attempting to grow food, fun and family. My mistakes along the way may save you some headaches....more

Our First Full Weekend with Laila

Well, thanks to some red tape, Laila still hasn't gotten to move in yet. She will now be moving in next week. All I know right now is that it will be after Wednesday but as soon as possible after that. On the bright side, we did get to have her for this whole weekend. Friday night we went to dinner at a local fast food place and the kids were great. When we got home they played well together and had a good time. We didn't have any problems until bedtime. Elizabeth and Clay fell asleep right on schedule but Laila didn't seem to be tired at all....more

Thoughts about adoption

At one point, nearly 20 years ago, I considered adoption. I had two options - one was adopting from the US, from a state where abortion is illegal and many babies are put up for adoption each year and the other was adopting in Israel, which was likely to involve a six year wait in order to get a baby. When I thought about it, I knew that I wasn't ready to accept just any baby. I wanted to know that s/he was healthy, that the mother hadn't used drugs or alcohol during the pregnancy, that the baby was normal... and then I thought that if my demands were so high, I just wasn't ready to adopt....more

Laila's Hair Care Haul

We talked to our social worker today and let her know that our visit with Laila Saturday was awesome. She said tomorrow she would talk to her supervisor about getting Laila moved in asap. As soon as I hung up the phone I realized that Laila could be here any time within the next 4 days and I didn't have any products for her hair. A trip to walmart was in order. The first thing I learned is that my local walmart was not the best choice. Their selection was meager at best. I decided to try a drug store instead so off to Rite Aid I went....more