An Adoption Story That Never Gets Old

The phone rang at 5:18 Sunday, December the 7th in the evening. Something inside of us just knew. Ken even knew that she was already born, already here, just waiting for us to come and get her. We listened carefully as Don helped us understand that situation. Now, I will back up, because already we have missed some very important points....more

Keep the Faith

If you were given a list of available children to adopt, which one would you pick? Would you look for the cutest, youngest, happiest little boy or girl? Or would you choose an older child... say around 15 or 16 years old?   My husband and I are currently going through this right now. Last year, we were chosen...yes, I said chosen... to adopt a child (or children). We have a natural son already but realized that adopting a child would make the most sense for us.   For anyone wondering, because I get asked this question a lot... Yes....more

I’m An Environmentalist and I’m Not Having Kids

It would be easy for me to feel self-righteous about my decision not to breed. According to many thinkers, population is the number one factor driving such problems as global climate change, pollution, and hunger. And children born and raised in affluent nations have a significantly higher impact on the planet than those born to more modest means. As one of my blogger friends put it, population “relates to everything – including the amount of plastic crap circulating in the ocean.” ...more

is an prejorative term to many parents, no matter what a dictionary says. A dictionary gives the ...more

The Language of Adoption

I never knew that there was a special language for adoption until we adopted.  I think most people haven't been taught in their normal vocabulary that there is a secret language - a very special language for adoption.    I hadn't.  ...more

Post Adoption Depression

This is hard to admit but I am trying to live boldly this year and I believe sharing a bit of my story might help someone else.  So here goes. I had post-adoption depression....more

Thanks so much for living boldly and writing this post. It's hard enough in our society to admit ...more

48 hours later...

48 hours since we received The News. Somehow I make it through yesterday, although I can't say that the day is particularly productive. Last evening we meet my MIL and her hubby for dinner out at a favorite Thai place. Chris is running late so I go in by myself. My MIL hugs me really tight. I say to her, "You cannot start crying. No crying." "Nope. No crying," she says into my shoulder, still holding me tight. ...more

Thank you. I so appreciate your kind words and good wishes, Benita.more


24 hours ago my husband races up the stairs to fling open the bathroom door eyes looking a little wild. I'm standing there in a towel having just stepped out of the shower. He asks in a husky, shaking voice, "Have you seen the e-mail from T [our adoption rep]?" No. I haven't. "L changed her mind and she's decided to keep the baby." We hurry to the living room and my laptop so that I can see T's words for myself. And there they are "...unfortunately..."  "...bad news...." "...disappointment..." " sorry..." ...more

And I'll give you a heck yes about the kindness when you are just trying to hold it all ...more

We Bleed Too

“This emptiness in my life is so hard to deal with but I pray every day and I know God has the perfect baby and the perfect birthmother planned for us.  I must be patient and someday this sadness will be forgotten.” I hear statements like this over and over again in the world of adoption.  Hopeful couples struggling with their desire to have a child while praying desperately for the pregnant woman who will choose them to raise her baby....more

BlogHer Network Member News, Feb 28: Adoptive Families Magazine Names Top Adoption Bloggers

Adoptive Families magazine released their list of top adoption bloggers for the year. Included in the list are:...more

It's an honor to be in such good BlogHer company!


Where Do Babies Come From?

Now that Bunny has turned six, I am anticipating the question all parents dread…where do babies come from?  Six years ago when Elle was getting ready to ask the question, I did my homework.  Rather than write an elaborate answer with technical terms and diagrams, I did the smart thing.  I bought a book with a lot of colored pictures…age appropriate pictures, of course....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood...more