Motherhood Later

Until kids, I did everything ahead of schedule. Married at 22. Started trying to have a family at 26, with the goal of having 2 mini-me's by age 30. Type A, much? Things didn't turn out exactly the way I planned. Motherhood Later...Than Sooner, a vibrant, worldwide organization dedicated to connecting *ahem* mature moms with each other, wanted to know my story. And asked 27 thought-provoking questions that made me stop, reflect, and give thanks for all life has brought me. I am thrilled to be the Featured Mom on for the month of January....more

Looking for alternative families (lesbian moms)

Hi, I am the marketing director for the website (facedbook as well). We are looking for writers for our site. Especially interested in lesbian Moms. If interested please email me at madge@thenextfamily.comWe are an alternative family site with great stories and lots of discussions that would interest any family....more
are you still looking. proud mother of threemore

The road to LeLe: A true story of the older child adoption process

I have wanted to be a mother my entire life. As soon as I could write, I started making lists of possible names for my future children. Strangely, the names I picked 25 years ago, like Hannah, Emily and Sophia, have become extremely popular in recent years! I desperately wanted a girl, but would throw in a few boys names (Mason was a favorite) "just in case". When I was 20, I fell madly in love with my very own Mr. Wonderful. He was a few years older than me, handsome, funny, smart, kind, very responsible and settled. Our romance was on high speed....more

Adopted Dreams... My Journey...

 Todays post is a little longer than normal, but it is a story of the last 10 years of my life, slightly condensed…It’s still only a 4 min read, so hang in there till the end....more

2011 Ex-plore How You Can Help Eliminate Poverty

  In 2011 Ex-plore how you can help eliminate poverty. “Anyone can make a difference....more

Look Ma, Laces!

If it were up to me, she'd be in Velcro forever.But G told me point blank today "I think I'm ready for shoelaces. Velcro seems just a little, I don't know...babyish."And, poof!  My 9 year old is 3 again, articulating in perfectly spoken English "Is it time to take the rail off my crib?"Is it time?  It must be time.  From the beginning, I have wanted to delay the inevitable.  Adopting my babies when they were one years old, everything seemed to happen too fast - the teeth, the walking, the growing out of onesies and bottles and bjorns.  H...more

My son has a sister.

It's complicated. Mikey and his sister were split up while in foster care, and that's a story for another day. As it stands, my goal is to have The Girlie at our house at least once a month. We have gone long stretches without seeing her and it feels better for everyone when the relationship is more consistent. She refers to me as Auntie or Auntie Janet (and Uncle Dennis). She calls the woman who she has lived with since she was 4, Nana, which fits her perfectly....more

Gay Parenting and the Conservative Christian Mom

As a conservative Christian mom, I get looks whenever presumed "offensive" topics come into play. For instance, the "2 Gay Dad" issue. I like two shows with two gay dads and I also have a few gay friends who eventually will want to adopt. There's this assumption I will be outraged and come flying out with my Bible to protest. I assure you, I am not waiting in the shadows ready to pop out with my judgments. Quite the contrary. I'm never going to believe that homosexuality is not a sin, that's my religious belief based on the Bible....more

My Adoption story- How I found my father on facebook

I'm an adult adoptee.  I have located my birth father recently and have had a great relationship with him thus far.  I blog about this on my blogspot at Please take a look at this heartfelt, honest, sometimes heartwrenching blog of my journey finding my birth father, sisters and brother, and extended biological family.    ...more

Six Writers Who Saved My Life

During a job interview a few years back, the Chair of the English department asked, Why English? I didn’t have to think of the answer. Literature saved my childhood. It filled my loneliness and the many silences I tolerated as a child with words and characters and worlds I had not known. ...more

What a poignant post by Marina about the six authors who made a difference in her life! The ...more