November is National Adoption Awareness month...

......better known as "How many times can this month make me puke month?" I hate November because it's "National Adoption Awareness Month". Yeah, umm, I'm painfully aware that I'm adopted. Every time I look in the mirror, every time I am with EITHER of my families, and every time I look at my birth certificate. I don't need a month to be aware. ...more

No Child Should Be Left Behind

That was an exercise in tragedy.  I researched the adoption option for a friend.  She is pregnant ......more

Is Adopting A Dog From A Shelter Risky? What you need to know.

I poke fun at my mother in my blog post from yesterday. If you haven't read it, you should check it out. My mother's adopted dog Buddy, has some really crazy antics (we love him but he’s CRAZY)....more

A Manhatttanite makes a decision and thus can't complain; however....

pia http://courtingdestiny.comOh the unexpected turns my life has taken in the past few years.  I went from being an Upper West Sider with time off for Cambridge MA and abroad to being a denizon of a small coastal city in South Carolina.  I was going to move to Santa Monica but it felt as if I would trade one pricey familiar life for another.  There's something to be said for familiar I have learned...more

Hello Pia:

As a fellow NLD'er, I can really identify with feeling somewhat out of place in ...more

Definition of Family: Constitutionality of FL Adoption Law Banning Gays

In-laws I write this having just come from a 6 day visit with my in-laws....more

Six Myths About Adoption

by Ellen Glazer, for FertilityAuthority I can easily remember a time when couples struggled with infertility for a year or so and then moved on to adoption....more

I May Have Changed a Life Today

The lyrics of Elton John’s song,Someone Saved My Life Tonight, keep running through my mind in an endless loop.  I keep thinking of a little year girl living somewhere in the U.S. with her adopted family, having traveled more than half way around the world from Russia....more

A Couple of Confessions

I have a couple of confessions to make. #1. I am moving my blog from blogher to blogspot. I love the blogher community but I am drawn to blogspot for the amount of control you have over the appearance of your blog. I hope you will follow me there at #2. The names I've been using on this blog are NOT our real names. I decided on assumed names to protect the identity of my children....more