Love Only a Mother Can Know

December 13, 2007Dear Ana Lu,Hey there my sweet girl! It’s been an exceptionally busy day for us, I’m exhausted. I just changed you, gave you a pacha, sang an off-key lullaby, laid you down in your crib and kissed you goodnight. I’m beat....more

Thinking about Adoption? Ten Things to Ponder

It's National Adoption Month. Sometimes I wonder why everybody doesn't adopt children. Other times, I wonder why anyone would. I'm not ambivalent, just multi-faceted. In honor of National Adoption Month, I decided to make a list of the top ten things to think about before you adopt a child. These will not have been things that I, myself, thought about before adopting three children but that shouldn't stop the reader from finding them terribly useful....more

Thankful Thursday

I'm new at this cross posting thing, but here's the one for today from...’s the very first Thankful Thursday this November!Here are 6 things to be grateful for this month:...more

Transracial and International Adoptions: New Trends, But the Same Questions

There's a growing trend in adoption: African-American children who are being adopted by European families. Reading recent stories in mainstream publications about this trend, as well as transracial adoption issues in North America, I see a lot of questions that never seem to get answered: How does race play into adoption decisions, by both potential adoptive parents and the agencies that work with them?...more
We found an adoption center named ais4 adoption and were delighted at there response and the ...more

Animals Giving Breath

My daughters are weird, which surprises no one I’m sure. The apples didn’t so much fall from the weird tree as they fell into an orchard of weird trees and everywhere the rolled was more weird. I am considerably weird myownself, so this doesn’t phase me much. Nevertheless, sometimes the girls find something to obsess over that causes even me confusion....more
Hah! I love this. Middle child is a smart one. :-)more

"Re-homing" children: Most parents who disrupt adoptions aren't villains

Reuters recently released a series of articles on parents who take it upon themselves to “re-home” their adopted children.  The media is calling these children “unwanted” and implying that they are being thrown away without thought or care.Children being passed on to a new family with less effort than someone re-homing the class hamster is certainly a disgusting practice that needs our attention. ...more

Have You Lost a Child? The Pain Never Goes Away


Quietly Dismissed

I was dismissed from morning drop-off this week. I mean, not entirely - I still have to drive the car - but as we approached the school on Tuesday morning, my daughter said to me:"Last time, Mama just dropped me off."...more

Before You Adopt

My husband and I have three children by birth, a large house, three acres of land, and a love for children.  We wanted to adopt a child.  We became foster parents first.  Our first and only foster child was a two year/two month old boy named Aaron.  He came to us sick with an ear infection, and a prescription for an antibiotic that was three weeks old.  He had just been in a foster home for three months.  He lived with his birth Mom for 20 months.  He was taken out of the home because of neglect, they lived in a motel, no job, no parenting skills.  Sh...more

Birthday Redo: Why We Repeated Our Daughter's First 9 Birthdays

She was sobbing that she wished she was only six one morning and an idea popped into my head. We missed out on her first nine birthdays. Her tenth birthday was the first one we were part of and it was the first birthday party she’d ever had. I decided to redo all of the others. ...more
What an awesome idea!!! I wish I had thought of that when our kids came to us. Ironically our ...more