Courage to Adventure

When I work with clients I usually have them work on definitions of what they believe in.  One of clients recently came up with a definition that surprised her.  Until she had taken the time to sit down to actually define what these words meant to her, she had no idea where they would take her.  Now she has more clarity with what is in front of her and what needs more focus.  What a gift she has given herself. ...more

One Wild, and Delicious Life

March is Women's History Month…let's hear your HERstory. Think about what happened up to this point to form who You are today. Consider all the women who have influenced you. And not the obvious women:  parents, grandparents, aunts, teachers, counselors, clergy, and extended family. Who or what else has been important to you?...more

Feed Your Travel Bug in College

 Stuck in college, but want to travel? Look no further than my post! Today I'm sharing some advice for feeding that travel but while you're stuck in college....more

3 (Warm) Places to Visit During the Winter in the US

Today on my blog, I'm sharing 3 places to visit during the blizzard of 2015 that will warm you up!Check it out here!! ...more

Favorite Airline Rewards: Southwest Airlines

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Favorite Airline Rewards: Delta Airlines

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Choosing to Spend Your Money on Travel

 Travel can be expensive, but I've developed some surefire ways to cut back on costs and choose to afford travel!Check out the post here....more

Favorite Airline Rewards: Alaska Air

 Today on my blog I'm sharing the first in my favorite airline rewards series. I'm sharing Alaskan airlines first. I'm sharing how it works, how to use and earn miles and what the different elite statuses earn you....more

Complete Guide to the Washington DC Metro

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my guide to the Washington DC metro system. The metro in DC is one of the easier to handle subway systems in the US, so I wrote a guide on how to get a metro card and use it!...more

6 Tips and Tricks For Road Trips Across The Country

 As I said in my post yesterday, in the last couple of monthsI've logged a pretty good amount of travel time across the states. In...more