Favorite Airline Rewards: Alaska Air

 Today on my blog I'm sharing the first in my favorite airline rewards series. I'm sharing Alaskan airlines first. I'm sharing how it works, how to use and earn miles and what the different elite statuses earn you....more

Complete Guide to the Washington DC Metro

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my guide to the Washington DC metro system. The metro in DC is one of the easier to handle subway systems in the US, so I wrote a guide on how to get a metro card and use it!...more

6 Tips and Tricks For Road Trips Across The Country

 As I said in my post yesterday, in the last couple of monthsI've logged a pretty good amount of travel time across the states. In...more

Exploring the Hampton Pirate Festival

I'm not a very adventurous girl and it's safe to say I don't go out of my way to hang out with a particularly adventurous crowd. Nope, it's safe and sedate all the way for me. The very opposite of what a swash buckling, grog swilling, plank walking pirate would do! So with the hopes of catching some of their infectious enthusiasm, I headed to Hampton, Virginia to participate in the annual Blackbeard Festival and become a pirate for the day....more

New York Travel Tips

I just completed my third trip to New York City and I'm sharing my tips about the things you should and shouldn't do.Check it out here! ...more

Trip Plans #2: Calgary, Canada

 Hi guys! On my blog today I'm sharing my second round of trip plans....this time to Calgary, Canada!Check out what I'm doing and seeing while I'm there here!...more

East Coast Trip: Day 7

I recently traveled to the east coast for Thanksgiving break and I spent most the days in Washington DC, and two days in New York. Day 7 was spent roaming Central Park, getting gluten free muffins and spending time at the top of the rock....more

Laughter in the middle of panic

Finally, we’re off after a mad dash to pack for our 1 night camping trip. We’re always packed for camping since we have storage tubs ready to go with camping supplies. We arrive at our destination a couple of hours away and find…flies. Flies and more flies; we feel like Pigpen from the Peanuts comic strip because as we move the flies move. Yuck! Despite the flies, I place a tarp down in an appropriate flat spot and go back to the pickup for the tent....more

Adventuring UNDER the Mexican Caribbean!

Fabulous Photos Friday under the Caribbean Sea!http://www.travelswithtam/blog  by Tam Warner Minton on August 22, 2014 • ...more