Laughter in the middle of panic

Finally, we’re off after a mad dash to pack for our 1 night camping trip. We’re always packed for camping since we have storage tubs ready to go with camping supplies. We arrive at our destination a couple of hours away and find…flies. Flies and more flies; we feel like Pigpen from the Peanuts comic strip because as we move the flies move. Yuck! Despite the flies, I place a tarp down in an appropriate flat spot and go back to the pickup for the tent....more

Adventuring UNDER the Mexican Caribbean!

Fabulous Photos Friday under the Caribbean Sea!http://www.travelswithtam/blog  by Tam Warner Minton on August 22, 2014 • ...more


It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and unfortunately, the "fantastic" and "scary" (and sometimes untrue) takes precedence, so I thought I'd show you some of the sharks I have known and loved!  I had an overly exciting minute with a Great White, but other than that, my experiences with sharks have been of awe, but not fear.  They really are not the man eating, evil creatures depicted on most of shark week....more

one month til go-time!

Family biking

Adventure Cycling Association is hosting their 2nd annual video contest, and we are participating! We created a 4 minute video featuring our Portrait of a Cyclist.   ...more

Girlfriend Getaway's

Who’s looking for a summer getaway, a “girls” getaway?  We both love to travel, and we love to travel with each other.  We’re always talking about our next adventure and what it will be (just yesterday in fact).  Here are just a few of the things we’d love to do some day and we thought we share them with all of you if you’re looking for ideas.  And the best part, these tours are all geared to women. (In no particular order)#1 – Wayfarers Walking Vacations ...more

Between Hello and Goodbye



"If God had wanted us to stay on the ground, he would have given us roots."  That's my quote of the week. Yesterday I jumped out of an airplane at 14,000 ft and free fell at 120 miles per hour for 60 seconds. And it was AWESOME.  Guess who's new favorite thing is skydiving??  I'm definitely doing that again. ...more

Nightime Adventures in Nanjing

Nanjing is an enchanting "2nd tier" city in China, just one hour by bullet train north of Shanghai.  Full of history and friendly people, Thom and I took to the streets to explore and experience the culture firsthand.  There is nothing better than seeing the look on the hotel concierge's face as we ask for a map, tell them where we want to go and then explain we are going to walk there.  At this moment, their heads explode and they start arguing with us that we can't do it.  Want to bet?  Want to try and stop me???  And off we go......more

Streets of Hanoi

What's it like to walk the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam? to begin to describe this frightening, wonderfully unique place.   First, the people are as friendly and helpful as the scooters are plentiful.  The scene here is so different from Shanghai, where we live now.  There are hardly any luxury stores or cars here yet the average citizen seems to live well and be very happy.  Though we got a few hard stares from the older guys, in general we were accepted and welcomed with open arms. ...more