Travel Adventures in Vietnam

"Ha Long Bay, situated in the Gulf of Tonkin, includes some 1600 islands and islets forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Because of their precipitous nature, most of the islands are uninhabited and relatively unaffected by human influence."--UNESCO ...more
Great Pictures. I've always want to go there. Seeing these pictures makes me want to go even ...more

On the subject of my new book: Yes, there's a bit of food thrown in for good measure

Followers of my blog know that my little place in cyberspace is principally about food. You see, I have an undying affection, dare I say a love affair, with cuisine. And why shouldn't I? Like air and water, food is a life sustaining force. Without it, we would perish. So for the things in life that are necessities, I reasoned that I may as well go all out and love 'em with a fervent gusto. Hence, this passionate affliction of sorts that I am all too happy to call my burden....more

NaNeFoMo Bucket List!

Now that NaNoWriMo is over, please join me for NaNeFoMo - National New Food Month!You can grab the button from the sidebar of my blog and I'd be absolutely thrilled if you'd join me! Here's the post that explains things:...more

Beijing to Xian - when train travel loses its romance

As you recall in episode 1, your raconteur found herself stranded on the top bunk of a miniscule train compartment on an overnight train from Beijing to Xian....more

Boomers Abroad

From 1946-1964, 4,000,000 babies were born, thus constituting the largest and, therefore, most powerful generation of this century: Baby Boomers.  Now in our 50s and 60s and looking at the remainder of our lives, I find that the majority of us boomers are asking the question, "Is it enough?"  Did we accomplish our goals or enjoy all that we set out to experience before we wil...more
I love it! This is exactly why I started my business, Celtic Heart Tours, to take small groups ...more

No Labels Please

Life has been hectic! A good, busy hectic! I have taken time to enjoy life with my family. Since my last post, my family and I went on a white water rafting trip, we have braved roller coasters, I got to ride shotgun on the back of a motorcycle, we have zip-lined across tree tops, and I have lounged in pajamas all day with my family. It has been a mixed bag of good, adrenaline infused fun....more

Climbing to Fear and Beyond

Last week I called the instructor at the local Ropes Course. We were set to attend with our homeschool group in a few days, and I realized that although it may be interesting to watch the older kids climb, zip and whirl, it'd be more fun if my two oldest could participate fully. The answer I got: The harnesses can be fit on very young children. It's more about their personal will and interest. ...more
ps. Mom's long-standing fear or climbing and heights was not conquered...but daughter's was not ...more

Escape Plan

Like most people, I need a routine.  I need things I can depend on from day to day.  I need structure and goals to stay focused.It took me a surprisingly long time to discover this about myself.  It took me exactly 28 years 342 days and  14 hours to realize that without structure, I naturally forget to do important things like...put on pants.  Or brush my teeth.  Or have fun....more

"Forget the gun, taken the frozen hot chocolate!" - Experiencing NYC food in 3 days

  "Everyone needs their quintessential New York City experience", is what I told my traveling compatriot, Alicia, after just arriving in NYC, literally tossing her in a cab while yelling to the driver, "Take her to the Hilton New York, pronto, amigo!"...more

Segment 21: When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory We made our way into Miami jumping off 395 east and then seeing the coast blocked by a heavy metal guard rail but then obscured by big orange birds of paradises, blue and purple bromeliads, and dark pink and red bougainvillea trellises as we passed the exit for the light for Ocean Boulevard and then to the north state road, A1A....more