A great adventure!

Our family is preparing for a much anticipated trip to Disneyworld....more

What Makes Your Life Meaningful?

What makes your life joyful, deep, and meaningful?I'm looking for ways to broaden my life, make it better. My husband and I don't have kids....do kids make life meaningful? Volunteer work? Paid work? What makes you happy, and glad to get up in the morning?Blessings, LaurieWriter and Creator of:Quips & Tips for Money & LoveQuips & Tips for Giving Gifts...more

Feminism &... the cheetah?

Basically I've been working my tail off in the pursuit of conservation photography for the cheetah.  I realized through networking and starting the project that the movement seems to be run by women....more

Could you whisper in my ear the things you wanna feel

They played fake alternative music during lunchtime at the restaurant where I worked in college. I never wanted to like Johnny Rzeznik but I kind of did. It was that year when I drove across country when my sometimes boyfriend died. I took off in an old blue Toyota Corolla with three friends who were not in grief and rolled away with my mother’s gas card towards freedom. I am certain we were all pushing towards some sort of hopeful Kerouac moment. We were pushing back the cobwebs of a summer spent working at a Presbyterian Church camp deep in the forest....more

Beating Depression... One Adventure At A Time!

I realized I might have been too honest in my last blog... so I temporary took it down.  I edited just one word... when I'm ready I will say what that was but though I want to share my whole journey, I want to protect a little of my family's privacy.  I hope you understand....more

How Starting An Adventure Bowl Saved My Life

This is an excerpt from my blog 100 Days In Bed where I chronicle fighting my way out of a depression by doing one fun, exciting, "out of my comfort zone" activity a week as a way to get back to my old happy me after the death of my cousin, the loss of my job and boyfriend and my mother's illness - all which happened in a matter of months.Is your life stale? Boring? Are you stressed? Job, boyfriend, back fat got you down? Then you need to do something crazy, spontaneous and out of your comfort zone in order to remember what is so easy to forget...YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO....more

I'm not a Mom so I did not have the expense of a babysitter, however, I had lost my job and was ...more

Adventures in Backpacking


Book Review: Peace Like a River

Such timing, this book entering my life, the landscape shifting and changing around me, just so. Come two more weeks into April, and I could not have abided a story with blizzards and below zero temperatures. Come one week earlier, and I would not have savored strong rivers and spring time like I do this day. ...more

Driving in Car with Miss Daisy, My GPS

I grew up driven.  By that I mean we had a family driver at our beck and call.  Sure seems like a lifetime ago, and it was.  My youth.  A few Supermoons ago. Another country ago and definitely last century....more

they're your friends. especially when you have a co-driver/navigator. GPS and other gadgetry ...more