There's Always Tomorrow

There's always tomorrow,With so much to do,And so little time in a day.  There's always tomorrow,...more

How Far Are You Willing To Go To Look Young?

Everywhere you turn in the beauty isles of Walmart are signs and advertisements for “anti-aging” creams, and wrinkle reducing makeup. As I take a look in the mirror at my slowly (but surely) forming creases from years of laughs and tears, I wonder why they are thought to be a bad thing. Why is it that we are told to reduce our wrinkles, and fight the inevitable aging process....more

I Feel Irrelevant, and I'm Trying to Find My Purpose

I recently shared with a friend that I felt irrelevant. What led to that conclusion was a year of tremendous upheaval. I left my university teaching job, sold my home, moved away from my community and friends, and sent my twins to college 14 hours away. All of the roles I had assumed for years -- mother, teacher, colleague, friend -- seemed to fall away, leaving... what? ...more
Grace Hwang Lynch Thank you, Grace. I'm on an interesting journey. I would like to see women do ...more

What if Expectations were AGELESS?

*The following discusses my blog post "Ageless".  Below is an introduction to "Ageless".*Please read the full post available at:

I'm an Aging Goddess - A Status I'm Trying to Embrace

Goddesses never age, says women’s role model and pseudo-mentor Dr. Christiane Northrup. Well, I'm just going to blurt this out. Goddesses do age.Dr. Northrup prides herself on her ability to grow older without subscribing to the status-quo negative thinking about the golden years of life. And that’s awesome. But I’m walking the fine line between beliefs and reality. Although I’m all for a Goddess-mentality, some days working the program feels tricky. ...more

On Aging: Fighting For Happiness

I have a great-great aunt who turned 101 last week. At her birthday party she was dancing in her heels while a lot of the other women surrounded her in flats, she is in her element on the dance floor. I attended her 100th birthday and she was doing the same. She is aging fantastically and she is a  model for myself....more

Aging: Do The Math!

*This piece is currently on Huffington Post and Tales From the Motherland...more

Conquering the Empty Nest

For as long as I can remember, the focus on my day has been my children: getting them to school, helping them with their homework (and then their problems), driving them to and from activities.  What I planned each day has always depended on school breaks and who had what sports lesson after school on what day. Until a few months ago.  ...more

The Five Things I Miss the Most About College

I just spent family weekend at my oldest son's college and boy, did I notice the age gap between college kids and me. I don't usually feel old; I usually think I'm around 23 until I try to stand up too quickly and I pull something, but spending the weekend with a bunch of college students was eye opening. Let me clarify, it wasn't so much that I felt old as it was that I felt that college was such a long time ago....more

How old are you really?

A few months ago, a couple of coworkers were trying to figure out my age. Eventually, one of them just came out and asked me. Several of them thought I was significantly younger than I actually am. I know this is not because of the way I look (I think I look my age), but rather because of the energy level that I have....more