I'm becoming a better woman by remembering the girl I used to be

This past Sunday I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Actually, I celebrated all weekend, spending time with family and friends and eating entirely too much cake.The highlight of the weekend, however, was a big blue poster I found tacked to my classroom door Friday morning....more

Older adults improve cognitive performance with nutritional supplements

In addition to exercise and cognitive training, a new study out of the University of South Florida (USF) has shown that a formula of nutrients high in antioxidants and other natural components boosted the speed of seniors' brains.The concoction (developed by USF) is called NT-020 and it was tested on adults aged 65 to 84 who had no diagnosed memory disorders. It contains extracts from blueberries and green tea as well as vimain D3 and amino acids (including carnosine).The group of 105 adults was split into 2 groups; 53 got placebos and 52 got the NT-020....more

Medical Advancements & Aging

A PHARMACY OF LOVE  The other day I was talking to my mother and, somehow, we landed on the topic of current medical protocols used in the treatment of both historical, and current diseases....more

"Like the Fingernail from the Flesh"

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:  www.LaliGallery.com...more

The Late Afternoon Of My Life

"The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected."  --Robert  Frost...more

EOA: Day Three With Tramadol

Does it work? So far so good.The morning stiffness was not there, and tapping the keys is not hurting much. Woot!Do you have Erosive Inflammatory Arthritis? Don't dork around, go see a rheumatologist. As anti drug and alcohol as I am, it was sheer nonsense on my part to not pursue a lessened pain lifestyle before 2014. Drugs aren't my enemy. They've been keeping my seratonin levels equalized for the last 15 years....more

5 Reasons Why I'm Smarter Than I Used to Be

Maybe I should be in intellectual decline, but I'm not. If anything, I'm smarter than I've ever been. Fundamentally, this is because being smart isn't about agility, it's about strategy. ...more
Delightful post. Thank you for sharing.more

Men as forgetful at 30 as 60

Sorry, ladies, but appears our men have a legit excuse for not remembering to (insert your random chore of choice).  A new study from Norway called Hunt3 analyzed 37,405 men and women age 30 and older.They found that not only are men more forgetful than woman, but also that younger men forget just as much as older men.So why the gender differences? The researchers have some theories.1. It could be that men tend to have more high blood pressure and high BMI, which may trigger forms of neurodegeneration....more
My husband and I will have a conversation and within a day it's like it never happened. I can ...more

Learning To Love The Stranger in the Mirror

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS "One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it:.."...more