Sometimes out of tragedy we find our inner strength. We choose a path of strength and look forward. I don’t know of many who could do what this man has done. I, for one, am rooting for him to succeed.  Although Mr. Singh ran in his younger days he had taken a break for about 50 years. Yup. A long break in there. How old is he now? Mr. Fauja Singh is 100 years old. That in itself is a motivation to others. A century old, people.  He lost his wife and son and needed to find a new focus in his life. He turned back to running and at 88 he ran his first 20 kilometer race (32.18 miles) SERIOUSLY!!!...more

Who are you and what have you done with my mother?

Intellectually, I know the facts: I am now my mother's keeper. This will happen to most of us.  Statistically it is very likely most of us will end up caring for our parents in some capacity as they age. Today, over 20 million households care for an aging family member, according to the American Association for Retired People (AARP). There are a myriad of stresses that go along with that responsibility. Suddenly, roles are reversed and the old patterns good or bad change.   It’s not an easy transition for most people and it can be pretty dramatic....more
As I continue to take my 88 year old Mom to her many doctors appointments, I continue to see ...more

How Do You Spell Contentment? 70 and Mighty Active!

Note From Cece: Yun and I have a friend named Barry Stone. We all met training for an endurance bike ride several years ago. Barry is pressing 70 and has had serious heart problems but has remained stubbornly active his entire life. Recently, post heart surgery, one of his daughters was going to take his bike saddle off his bike, so he could not ride off when he should have been recovering from surgery….they also planned to hide his running shoes!...more

A Movie and A Mid Life Awakening

She sat upright with perfect posture displaying firm breasts that faced forward effortlessly as a German Short-haired Pointer. With full lips, the kind thin-lipped women attempt to replicate surgically, but regretfully result in a ‘come what may’ platypus pout, she extended her bronzed, toned legs, smiled and giggled. The perfect perfume, the perfect designer shoes and hair so expertly styled as if she were ready to hit the Paris Fashion Week runway, she filled the room....more

Sweltering Heat and Stinky Fashionistas

Even at six a.m. the air was damply hot when I opened the door this morning: torpid, dank heat with no assurance of the sweet relief of rain.  The low was in the seventies, promising to climb up to a punishing ninety-nine, the brutal heat reaching its peak just as Almost Teen is forced to run sprints across the crackling parched grass of the athletics field.  A week ago the joint on her pinkie finger swelled hot and red, the legacy of some nasty venomous insect that bit her hand as she did push-ups under the blazing sun....more

The Wheels On The Bus

...I can’t sneeze, cough, or laugh without peeing my pants, twenty pounds have decided to take residence around my midsection and along my jawline, and today I forgot to wash my hair when I was in the shower.  Completely forgot, and then wondered why my hair felt…dirty…when I was styling it.  Alzheimer’s....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

I Love Aging!

Glad it resonated with you! It is hard to listen to that voice, but the more I repeat it, the ...more

am i a caddy kind of person?

Michael made the last payment on the Jeep Liberty, and the same day he saw the commercial for the new Cadillac CTS and decided that he was going to buy me one.  ...more
Awesome. I don't think I'm a caddy type of person but my oldest daughter bought a used one and ...more

Horse Power...67 the new 40!

  At the end of a 75 mile bike ride today in the 98 degree heat of the day, these famous words were heard:...more