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Research shows, as we age, men have worse memory

How many times has your husband said, "You never told me that" when you in fact told him 3 times? Depending on your age, there may be a legitimate reason for his memory deficit.New research that's been published in JAMA Neurology found that in a study of 1,246 cognitively normal people between 30 and 95:- men had worse memory than women at 40- men had lower hippocampal volume than women at 60- for people carrying the APOE E4 gene, their measurements were not affectedSo what's a wife to do?...more

Successful Aging

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Screw You Rear-View Mirror


Senolytics--a new class of drugs--slow the aging process

The snake oil salesmen should be showing up soon.Once word gets out that scientists have discovered a new class of drugs that successfully target and kill aging-related cells without damaging the surrounding cells, everyone is going to be bottling it. But some will be fake.So here's the backstory: Scientists have identified this new class of drugs that:...more

What Wisdom, Where?

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I'm Not That Old. Really, I'm Not!

So, I see one of those little quizzes on Facebook. You know…"Which animal are you?" "Which state should you live in?"Today I did the “What Color Rose Are You?” quiz.Simple, right?Nope!Third question is What do your Friday nights look like?One of the answers is “Spending time with my boo thang.”Huh?!!What?!!Help me Google!Thank you Urban Dictionary!boo thang: is a female that is not your girlfriend, but you share some type of relationship with her; you repect her and got luv for her.BTW: the typos in the definition are not mine. They are copied straight from Urban Dictionary. I struggle to leave them alone......more

10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Today I am 43 years young and all week I’ve been feeling so grateful…Grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.  Grateful for my health.  Grateful for my husband.  Grateful for my stepsons.  Grateful that I am happy.  This week I’ve been thinking about 10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self, if I had the chance....more
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Author of "The Brain's Way of Healing" offers ways to improve your brain

Psychiatrist and author of "The Brain's Way of Healing" has a few suggestions for people looking to strengthen their brain at any age. You've probably hear a few of them before, but there are a couple new ones (at least to me).1. Walk 2 miles a day. Regular exercise (even walking) has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia by 60%!...more