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While working out at the gym today, I climbed up on top of a machine, and as I mounted the bench, I was reminding of how much I loved playing on playground equipment as a child. Any activity in which I got to move around was attractive to me. I didn’t care if I looked silly. I just knew that I felt emotionally and physically better when I was moving. ...more

Blood test for Alzheimer's - likely hitting market soon!

Where once only an autopsy could provide clinical proof of Alzheimer's, now a simple blood test can diagnose the disease.The test measures DHEA (a brain hormone) production. If the patient has Alzheimer's, oxidation of the blood WOULD NOT raise DHEA levels. In healthy (non-Alzheimer's patients), oxidation of the blood WOULD raise DHEA levels.Even better, the test can diagnose the disease in its very early stages, which allows doctors to try a variety of therapies as early as possible....more


Practical Aging Advice from Tracey Jackson   Share this Practical Aging Advice from Tracey Jackson As she approached her 50th birthday, screenwriter turned author Tracey Jackson found herself bombarded by a catchphrase that seemed to be on everyone's lips: "Fifty is the new 30." Tracey found this adage, focusing on a time of life already past, to be amusing but irrelevant, and set out to skewer the myth of endless youth with an honest appraisal of middle age in "Between a Rock and a Hot Place." ...more


BACKSTAGE AT THE MARTHA STEWART SHOWby Tracey You want to go backstage to the  taping of a live TV show? Well, I don’t think I could show you a better situation than The Martha Stewart Show.  ...more

It's time for 'DOC TALK' w/ Dr. Phillip Rabito by Tracey Jackson


12 Ways to Keep your Brain Fit

The chairman of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Department of Neurosurgery says you can find ways to fit little changes into your life, which will help keep your brain sharp. They include: 1. Avoid sugar spikes from simple carbohydrates. They'll give you a mental crash after they create a quick peak. Instead, look for whole grains, fruits and veggies combined with a protein to keep a sustained fueling for your brain.2. Keep your brain active: puzzles, learning languages, reading, etc. seem to help with memory and delay the onset of dementia....more

learning new things is a great way to keep your brain fit and active. playing puzzles is also my ...more

Three Part Invention

Mona settles into her seat at the concert seeking only familiar pleasure. Her life with Howard is padded by a series of rituals in these later years. The same concert series, tea afterward at the bar and grille,  Sunday morning sex after a good night's sleep. Howard has refused to abandon the patterns of a lifetime .Probably a good thing, too, especially in the case of the sex. It would just be too absurd, two out of practice sets of old bones flailing away, trying not to injure each other....more

My midlife sabbatical: DAY 1

Why start writing today? Because -  right now - I’m about to take a huge risk and hopefully change the course of my life. I just quit my job to take what I'm calling a midlife sabbatical. I'm veering off the planned  "path" that Corporate America sucks you into. And I'm scared. So why did I quit? I'm burnt out, work-wise. My husband had open-heart surgery eight months ago and I decided life is just too short to stay on the same path that is no longer making me happy. The balance of life turned on me in some way....more

So glad to read your post. I just posted about the same thing! Your post makes me feel less ...more

Music lessons as a kid = better cognitive function as a senior

I've been thinking about putting my daughter in piano lessons. We just got a FREE upright piano from my husband's co-worker that's in great shape (the piano, not the co-worker) and right now all she does is bang on it. (She's 5 and my son is 3, so that's about why I expect at this age.)...more

I have both my daughters (13 & 7) in music lessons.

Eldest is learning Drum Kit - I think it ...more

I Have Come-Out-Of-the-Closet. I Am Menopausal and Fat!

I have come out; I am fat, and menopausal to boot! After years of hiding that I am an addict to food, though not to be confused with a “food binger,” but a true Foodie that LOVES food, I throw in the towel and here-and-now will admit to finally losing the battle in my attempt at weight loss. It has been most exhausting; and so much time and energy wasted....more

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I read your blog on the elderly, and it ...more