Raw Menopausal Truths and the Indignities of Getting Old

To be “raw” is to be pure and honest; it is to tell it like it is, unadulterated. However the fear of offending the listener, in this case the reader, is a problem; but to tell it other than the unvarnished truth is nothing more than sugar-coating. What to do, what to do? After taking a few brief moments to think this through, I’m sorry, but the menopausal Wailing Banshee in me must be allowed to vent, to rant, to tell the truth and nothing but the raw truth. So to the “sensitive” among you; sorry, you’ve been warned?!...more
Hi- just found your blog.  I started this journey somewhere between age 39 and 40- my husband ...more

Turning 50 - Looking and Feeling Great!

As I age I notice that I do not exercise the way I used to. For one thing, I no longer care as much about the latest fitness trend. I still enjoy the social sports like golf and enjoy swimming, yoga and skiing when I can. The reality is that none of these are consistent. I have never been a runner and quite frankly it hurts my feet, knees and back. So, my regular exercise regimen simplyconsists of walking almost everyday. I do anywhere from two to five miles. Here is a short video on products I love that help me look and feel great as I exercise: ...more

Ode to 50

I actually wrote this a couple of years ago. I was facing the Big 5-0 but didn't feel the least bit older. What I didn't know was that this little story/poem was what launched my writing and blogging career. I felt there was no better introduction to me and my blog than this post. Ode to 50I don’t care what the calendar says. I don’t care what my birth certificate says. I don’t care what my mother says I AM NOT 50!!!!!...more

Approaching The Big 5-0

For the last couple months, I've been wishing my high school classmates a happy birthday on their 50th.  Now my own is rapidly approaching.  How did this happen?...more
 @Kraken I'm going to do my best!!!  Thank you for the kind words!more

Life hurts...and wears you out...and just plain sucks sometimes

 I just got off the phone with my dad....more


I have these two nice quilted throw pillows on my bed; they used to be all smooth, marred only by a dot of black ink from when I dropped a pen on one. Then I washed the covers. They came out spanking white, but wrinkly....more

Happy thought #33: Laugh lines

Since I am 33 years old I thought it appropriate to use Happy Thought #33 to write about something I love, that is a little more evident at 33 than they were at age 32.  Laugh lines.  I love laugh lines.  I think they are beautiful, and I happen to really like mine.  If you have laugh lines too I can guarantee I will also like yours....more

How To Age Well (Or: Botox and The Beast!)

Getting older?Let’s talk about aging, 21st century-style.It’s hard to get a foot out our front doors without a rainbow of reminders as to how to look younger.Peel, prod, poke.But what exactly are we being sold? To some degree, all the cosmetic improvements out there, from minor to major, are an attempt to stay the hand of time.For example, my current hair “highlights” are trying to stay the hand of time!Yet it is the finite quality of our time here on earth that often turns us towards God....more

Thankful this week for the kindness of strangers

 Moms. Aging. Theirs and ours.It's been a week around here.  And I know you all know what that means.It wasn't a bad week, just a very busy one with a couple of bumps in the road.Both of our moms had some problems negotiating the world this week.  And in each case their travels were made a little lighter by the kindness of strangers. ...more