Retiree in the Making

Top ten indications that I’m getting old:...more
Oh dear lord! I can relate to most of these things on this list! Does this mean I am on my way ...more

Mother Nature - That Bitch!

The other day, as I was applying eye make-up, I noticed that each time I dragged the brush across the eye lid, the skin followed the brush, like some stray dog, following you on the street. The skin used to just sit where it sat. With age, gravity has become a Natural Law that makes itself known.When I was nursing my second child, I was equal parts mortified and fascinated by the fact that I was now able to nurse the kid lying down. On my back! One more kid and I’ll be able to nurse lying down on my back with the kid in the other room....more

A Pillow That Prevents Wrinkles? Bring On The ZZZs…

The other day I was visiting my favorite beauty spa for an overdue facial and I spotted an anti-wrinkle pillow. My first thought: wow, they’ve truly thought of everything regarding all things beauty. Followed by: a wrinkle-fighting pillow…genius. No two ways about it, I’m a chronic side sleeper (here’s a visual: curled up on my side, fetal position, with my face smashed –and I mean smashed– into my pillow). Yep, there’s zero doubt that I’m causing an extra wrinkle or two throughout my night of heavy beauty slumber....more

How old do you feel?

How I Ruined Jay-Z For My Children

On Thanksgiving morning I posted the Jay-Z song "Forever Young" to my Facebook wall. I see a lot of people post videos that they feel are meaningful, so when I came across the Jay-Z song I thought it was just perfect -- a good way to express the sadness I'd been feeling all morning about a recent loss our family has experienced. My children disagreed....more
@Carolzonie you found me! I'm going to find "apple bottom jeans" right now and give it a ...more

I'm How Old?

Today, I turned thirty-nine.  It sounds very old when I say it, but only when I think about it in reference to myself.  Anyone else could be thirty-nine and I wouldn't think that was old at all.  A youngster yet....more

Aubrey de Grey on How We Can SLOW Aging & Physical Decay

In an effort to ignite regenerative medicine and transform the way we think about health and aging, Aubrey de Grey spends his time on airplanes between England and Silicon Valley, as well as to conferences and events where he can evangelize his message to those who help accelerate his mission. ...more

Passing the Baton in the Relay of Life

Do we ever really leave childhood too far behind? Sure, we enter into adulthood, but do we ever fully embrace it? I always think it’s sad that I associate fun moments, dipping my toes in the ocean or chasing bubbles, with being a child or embracing my inner kid. What about growing up suggests it’s all about responsibility and accountability?...more

The incident @ the bank

Yep. There are a few good things about being old.I went to the bank this morning to deposit checks for my kids’ allowances. I was wearing a brand new, fresh-outta-the-box turtleneck from LL Bean. It’s a pretty turquoise top my sister sent me for my birthday last week....more
Hahaha! I have done that before!more

3: Expectancy

Last night in my Personal Health Awareness class, we learned about death and dying. (I know, morbid much?) At one point, the teacher mentioned a site where you can take a test to predict your life expectancy.I don’t know why, but I expected to see something around the 80s or mayyyyyybe early 90s. But apparently I’m going to live to be 102 years old....more