I smell like an old person. Why do I feel like I should be apologizing for that?

To put this post into context, here’s a conversation between my boyfriend and I (uncensored because what fun would that be) …Me: I think I have kneecap cancer.Greg: Yup.Me: What do you mean “yup”. This could be SERIOUS.Greg: Just like your eyeball cancer, lip cancer, and pinkie toe cancer, this too will pass. Do you even listen to yourself?Me: Why would I listen to myself? That would be like talking to myself. Everybody knows that only creepy people talk to themselves.Greg: Yup....more

Rage Against Aging: Are We Really That Ugly?

I am a recovered bulimic. I still freak the fuck out about my body.  I still feel fat most of the time.  I still can’t eat like a ‘normal’ person and I’m pretty sure I’m hideously disgusting 30% of the time.  This has been going on since my early 20s and has gotten much better with age, but with age comes a whole new set of reasons to freak the fuck out....more

To Botox or to Not Botox?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm terrified of Botox, but I'm even more terrified when I look at my face in the mirror. Do I get over my fear of needles and toxic substances and just do it? Or do I just force myself to embrace this aging/looking old thing? Signed,Beauty Hurts, But So Does Getting Old _______________________________________________ ...more
This is great!  As a fashion model, this is a big issue that I face.  You need to look "fresh" ...more

The link between gum disease and Alzheimer's

Plaque is plaque when it comes to your body.A new study (2014) corraborated previous studies linking gum inflammation and Alzheimer's.In this study, the researchers found that 2 of the 3 types of bacteria that cause gum disease have also been found in the brain. Apparently, the either hop into the bloodstream or move directly up the nerve that runs from the tooth to the brain....more

10 Ways I'm Better Now Than I Was 10 Years Ago

It's my birthday! Woot! Woot! I am officially 35 years old! Leaving your twenties is tough. I remember having a hard time when I turned 30. Not anymore. I feel like this is the perfect age. (until next year... then THAT will be the perfect age) ...more
In many ways, absolutely! I wouldn't go back even if I had the choice! :)more

A Cowgirl looks (squints) at 60.


Sleeping and anti-anxiety pills linked to Alzheimer's

Yesterday several news sources announced that new research indicates that people who take certain types of benzodiazepines may have a greater risk of developing Alzheimer's.Some highlights:1. 9 million Americans take sleeping pills or some sedative2. 11% of middle-aged women take anti-anxiety meds and benzodiazepines are the most common3. In the study, those who had taken benzodiazepines had a 51% higher risk of developing Alzheimer's. Those who took them for more than 180 days had a two-folder higher risk!...more

The Earth is flat. Life ends at 30 #fact

A week and a half ago I turned 27. I celebrated by throwing a myself a party, dancing suggestively for Luke Bryan at a Luke Bryan concert (I don't give my bedroom eyes for just anybody) and by going to therapy.Sure, I was surrounded by great people and felt an incredible and overwhelming love from my family and friends but if I'm being honest (and that's the title of the blog) turning twenty-seven sucked. It sucked hard....more

Trying to Age Gracefully in an Ungraceful (and Ungrateful) Age

There is an interesting interview with Ellen Barkin on Violet Grey, The Violet Files, centering on the star turning the big six-oh and how she refused to have her photographs retouched for the accompanying photoshoot.Barkin has a lot of positive things to say about getting older, and how women should embrace their age, and individual beauty. She looks great in the photos, but, not so unexpectedly, they are rendered in black and white....more


SUNG TO THE TUNE OF THE BEE GEES' "TRAGEDY"Here's the original, to give you the melody.  ♫♫♫ GRAVITY ♫♫♫ Here I amAt the mirror, slowly looking down...more