Dear Market Development People, From A Boomer Consumer

I hate my hands. I am right handed, and early degenerative arthritis has taken it's toll on my fingers already. I wish gloves were in style. But wearing gloves and typing in 95 degree heat is just wrong anyway. These hands can't do simple things any more. Along with the eyesight, they are failing me. I can't open water bottles any longer.  I'm so embarrassed by them. I am ashamed to ask for help. I don't want to give into this disease that has caused me 2 knee replacements and spinal fusion, and I won't, but these hands... they don't work right anymore....more

Bruising and Aging

Why do we bruise more easily as we get older?...more

Confronting My Own Ageism

Viewed from behind, the man appeared to be headless. There were his khaki pants, his white shirt neatly tucked in, a cane swinging as he walked, but where his head should have been there was only his collar. As we drove by him and I turned to look again, I saw that he was so badly bent over from the shoulders that he was looking straight at the ground as he walked. And the first thing I thought of was, I bet he was handsome when he was young. Maybe he played ball and drove a fast car. Viewed from behind, the man appeared to be headless....more

38Long is the New 38C

I've always been one of those natural chicks... never really saw the need for a boob job. It just seemed odd to me, having someone stuff plastic chicken cutlets into my body... let's face it... mostly for someone else's enjoyment. I guess they're all they're cracked up to be, when it comes to self-esteem. But my self-esteem has always been pretty low, and no amount of stuffing was going to help that mess. So it seemed like a futile endeavor....more

Postmenopausal? Testosterone can improve your memory and verbal learning

Past menopause? Feeling like you've lost some memory and learning skills? You may want to try testosterone gel.For women not on estrogen therapy, it appears that testosterone therapy protects women against cognitive decline after menopause. Testosterone plays a role in desire, bone density and energy, while improving your mood.Even in men, testosterone replacement had positive effects on their brain function.In this study with the women, no major side effects were reported.Here's the study:

I’ve Only Been 29 Years Old Once

A friend just invited me to her 29th birthday party. Ha ha. So funny. How original.You see she hasn’t been 29 in a while. Early in her 40 years she learned aging is equivalent to rotting. At 29 she was still fresh enough to be on the shelf. At 40 she’s certain the wrinkles, the folds, and the lines are signs she will soon no longer be relevant and she will be tossed aside.Best to simply pretend 40 never happened. So she’s 29…again....more

Nuclear tests from the '60s show adult brains DO generate new neurons

Proof that our brains are not stagnant comes from a very strange source: a process based on the amount of carbon-14 found in humans as a result of nuclear testing in the 1960s.Here's how it works: Thanks (or rather, no thanks!) to the above-ground nuclear bomb testing we did in the 1960s, we've had more carbon-14 in our atmosphere. But when they banned nuclear tests in 1963, the carbon-14 started decreasing....more

Making Your Dreams Come True

By Carol Cassara – Contributor & Midlife WranglerWe’re the first generation to hit middle age (and official “senior” status) that knows we’re going to live longer—and healthier.  And that means we still have at least another 20 years to make our dreams come true.Julia Child, Gandhi, Dr. Ruth, and authors Laura Ingalls Wilder and Frank McCourt were all late bloomers.You can be one, too....more

It is All About the Hair – B’iota Botanicals

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor...more

Aging Gracefully

By Liza Kovacs, M.S.C, M.A., Fitness Contributor...more