When in doubt, craft it out!

Every so often I like to get creative with gifts. It's one thing to buy something for someone but the fact that you can make something just as good blows my mind. So whenever I have the chance and patience, I like to search through Pinterest to find ideas for future crafts that I could do for the people in my life.As it turned out, I had a birthday party to attend that weekend and I wanted to make something cool and cheap. After about 30 minutes of browsing, I found the neat idea to make a booze bouquet. What exactly is a booze bouquet? Keep reading and find out!Supplies...more

Taking that first (legal) drink

At a recent happy hour with my coworkers, we started talking about our 21st birthdays. There were the usual tales of being taken out by friends to have their first legal drink, with lots of admissions that they had had alcohol well before that milestone birthday. ...more

Jack + Coke Cupcakes: The Sequel

Bourbon Chocolate Mousse

Mother Served Alcohol To 13 Year Olds – Part 2

She Bacame Addicted To Meth If you didn’t read Part 1, we moved and then things got worse. (Part 1 here) We moved for her father’s job and to get her out of that town, away from Heroin. For the first few weeks she stayed home and was looking into going to college! Then she got lonely and bored. So she went out one night. She met the worst possible people she could! People around this town are on Meth. I mean, a lot of them! It turned out to be one of the worst places for that drug! We couldn’t believe it. It was devastating!...more

5 Ways to Avoid Putting on Weight From Alcohol

After I shared the low-down on the 4 "healthiest" things to drink at the bar, a reader (hi, Laura!) posed a fantastic question in response. Though she's already making the relatively low-sugar, low-calorie choices of "liquor + club soda + lime" when she's out, drinking alcohol "feels like the one 'unhealthy' habit left when eating well and exercising. It feels like two steps forward, one step back!" ...more

Do You Like Your Wine, Mama? I do, too!

My husband is in a Ph.D program working toward a degree in biomedical neuroscience. This means he's under a lot of pressure to spend endless hours in a lab conducting experiments and publish in medical journals. I teach three days a week at a respectable university in Philadelphia. I can't take on a full-time gig, because the few hours I teach, my husband stays home with our baby....more

Pumpkin Bombs

This post was featured on Natasha in Oz.We are on Day 12 of 13 Days of Pumpkin and what better way to celebrate our final Friday than with a nice beverage.Or in this case, the fall version of an Irish Car Bomb....more

Yukka Flux Cocktails

What a weekend! The weather was gorgeous, we have trees in our backyard now, our neighborhood barbecue was a success, and... my computer's fixed!...more

Mother Served Alcohol To 13 Year Olds!

 Mother Served Alcohol To 13 Year Olds! This girl is now 22 and has told me a lot about her younger years I never knew. When she was 13, her friends mother served them alcohol. This is how her problem with drug addiction all started. I hope this helps some of you that have teens and pre-teens. ...more