Shopping From My Couch- Black Friday Social Media Style

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My second multicultural literary novel, Rescuing Ranu, has been climbing up the Amazon Kindle Bestseller List in the category of mathematics research. It reached #7, and as of yesterday was hanging on at #10, so I guess it’s climbing back down again. It’s interesting to watch its brave little journey, and easier now that Amazon Author Central is making ourBookScan info available to authors who sign up for the program.....more

Is the Amazon Gift Converter a Threat to Civilized Living?

'Tis the season... to receive something you absolutely hate from someone who probably means well but has terrible taste. We've all had that experience; whether it be clothing the wrong size or in a regrettable style, or simply a knick-knack you would never in a million years display in your home, it happens. And now Amazon is in the news for saying it doesn't have to be that way. ...more

A good gift-giver first and foremost want the receiver to enjoy the gift. As such, a good ...more

What #Amazonfail Teaches Us About Social Media Firestorms

Social media conversation storms are swift, powerful and quickly growing, and studying them is a new science (which I, in no way, claim to have mastered). But I think it’s important to pay attention to them because they hold lessons on how we should respond to our own firestorms when they eventually arise. ...more

Thoroughly enjoyed the insight on this post. I'm going to refer back to it next time something ...more

(TRIGGER ALERT, UPDATED) #Amazonfail Twitstorm: Kindle Store Selling Self-Published Pedophilia How-To

Did you know that you can self-publish on Amazon? You can, and that's kind of cool. What's not cool is that it means that anyone can self-publish on Amazon -- people like Phillip R Greaves II, who self-published an ebook called The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure. Yes, you read that right. ...more

SJ read it and confirmed it's about as vile as you'd recommending how to ...more

If you got Swagger and you like to Dance listen to Laz and Cat’s Swagger Dance

If you like New Boyz’ Jerk and Cali Swag District’s Teach Me How to Dougie, listen to Laz and Cat’s new single “SWAGGER DANCE”. You can copy the Jerk or the do the Dougie, but if you got your own swagger you can make your own dance. And that’s what SWAGGER DANCE is all about, it’s about making your own dance move and having the confidence, or swagger, to do it no matter how crazy or ridiculous it is....more

Boston Hip-Hop Group “Laz and Cat” Releases “Tricity Vol. 1” + Airplay and HD Videos!

Check out the Newest, The Hippest, Most Freshest Hip Hop music act coming out of Boston, LAZ & CAT!  Their new release, "Tricity Vol. I," off their music label, Triceptus Studios, features a new crop of New England Hip-Hop and R&B artists including Jayo-City, The General, Mugsy , Ms....more

Tricity Vol. 1. is available on iTunes and Amazon, as well as other retailers including: ...more

You Can Get Your Blog on Kindle: Here's How

You can now publish your blog’s RSS feed for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store and Amazon will share revenue with you for every Kindle user who subscribes to your feed. ...more

Just checked and I have a whopping 15 readers and 2 trial subscriptions. The New York Times I am ...more

Kindles aren’t Bricks: Amazon’s next Kindle update will include access to Facebook and Twitter, Google and Wikipedia.

Apple has sold 1,000,000 iPads, and it’s the Kindle’s biggest competition; both wirelessly download books.  Amazon has a leg up as a book reader, however, in that they’ve grown with Chris Anderson-style ‘Long Tail’ research , they have tens of millions of book customers, know which books are most likely ...more

Amazon Sues North Carolina Over Customer Privacy

Carolinians: That super-embarrassing book you were hoping no one would find out you own? You may not get your wish. In an ongoing struggle with the state of North Carolina that stretches back to the state's decision to collect taxes from online stores last June, Amazon has brought a lawsuit against the state's Department of Revenue. Amazon claims that the state is violating its residents' privacy by demanding that the online retailer release personal information, including names and addresses, in reference to purchases dating back to 2003. ...more

I definitely think you're on to something with the trust issue, and frankly, the slipperiness of ...more