"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Have you noticed lately that everyone is becoming more edgy and cranky? Last week, The New York Times ran a story by Claire Martin about a business that provides “Anger Rooms”, where people pay to take a bat and beat up TV’s and other “smashable” objects to release their repressed rage.This new idea for a business doesn’t surprise me much as I have been noticing, at an alarming rate of increase, that people behind the wheel of their cars, or just standing on line getting coffee are, at best, short fused....more

NaBloPoMo (11/2016) - Day 10: For the record, I'm pissed

 When I heard that Fun Home was going on a National Tour, I got very excited and hoped it would come to Chicago. It did come to Chicago. It's running right now. I bought my ticket as soon as I was able. I've been giddy about it!Until today. Today, I considered skipping it. I considered swallowing the cost of the ticket to just stay at home....more

Managing My Anger

Many people need to control their anger by learning not to let it out. They can take anger management courses.My anger problem is keeping it all in. I never know when it's safe to let some of it out. And I don't think they have courses for that.Why do I need to let my anger out? Wouldn't I be happier and life be easier if I were pleasant and agreeable all the time?No. There are reasons I need my anger, and need to express it....more

Old Script, New Script

Streaking Toward Greater Married Intimacyhttp://letsgostreaking.com/ ...more

You seem angry

Yesterday, we talked about what makes people (ok - white men) happy...more
This is really interesting. I wonder what we can poll about to focus on the positive side of ...more

You Need to Take Care of Yourself First

I can't tell you who or what I am fuming about, but I am fuming. There comes a time in everyone's life where you have just had enough. I was at that place only minutes ago and this is my way of decompressing. I hope you don't mind. ...more
This what I'm doing every minute of each day!! Your so right, once again!!more

Expressing Anger Can Improve Your Relationship

 The perfect relationship is not one in which you never get angry with each other, but one in which you are able to quickly resolve and bounce back to normal.  – Anonymous   ...more

Anger: Poison or Cure?

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.—Mark Twain...more
FlightScarlet J-MOM Definitely. I tend to stew even after I release my anger so that's a poison.more

Responding to Anger

Some people have such wise minds and tranquil spirits that they remain calm and forgiving no matter what the provocation. I'm not like that. Most of us aren't. When someone insults, inconveniences, disappoints, betrays, or annoys us, we tend to get angry. ...more

Say the right thing when your child is upset

 When you’re upset, has anyone ever told you to “just stop crying” or “don’t be sad”? Is it helpful? Is it that easy just to automatically stop crying or to feel differently (aka better) at a moment when you are really down? Unless you have super powers, it’s near impossible to change how you feel at the drop of a hat....more