Expressing Anger Can Improve Your Relationship

 The perfect relationship is not one in which you never get angry with each other, but one in which you are able to quickly resolve and bounce back to normal.  – Anonymous   ...more

Anger: Poison or Cure?

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.—Mark Twain...more
J-MOM Hmm, that's an interesting idea... perhaps releasing anger can be a good form of therapy ...more

Responding to Anger

Some people have such wise minds and tranquil spirits that they remain calm and forgiving no matter what the provocation. I'm not like that. Most of us aren't. When someone insults, inconveniences, disappoints, betrays, or annoys us, we tend to get angry. ...more

Say the right thing when your child is upset

 When you’re upset, has anyone ever told you to “just stop crying” or “don’t be sad”? Is it helpful? Is it that easy just to automatically stop crying or to feel differently (aka better) at a moment when you are really down? Unless you have super powers, it’s near impossible to change how you feel at the drop of a hat....more

Have You Experienced the Internet Outrage Machine?

Amanda Palmer recently had an article in the New Statesman about the Internet Outrage Machine. You know the one. Someone writes something online: They put out a thoughtless tweet, trying to be funny; or a business tries to capitalize on a hashtag; or they write a blog post that rubs everyone the wrong way. And then the Internet piles on that person, flipping out. ...more

You're Feelings Are Showing

Have you ever been in a situation when you know your feelings are there but for whatever reason you decide they don't need to be?  So you start the messy job of trying to hide them and keep them undercover to either keep the peace or simply avoid conflict. Yet no matter how hard you try to disguise them somehow you always end up in a moment where your feelings are showing. ...more

I think I need to punch someone in the face

You guys…Can I just put it all out there for a minute?Because…I just…Can’t even.I’ve been noticing myself becoming increasingly bitter and cynical over the past couple of weeks. Not for any particular reason, but there’s this hidden reservoir of anger that bubbles up every now and then, and I suddenly feel like going all-out homicidal on some people.Particularly the ass hat.The same ass hat who’s been totally non-existent in my thoughts for the past few months. But all of a sudden I’m all, “I HATE THE ASS HAT!”...more

When Being Present Isn't Enough

We've been having some rough days lately.I'm not really sure what happened, but somewhere around my oldest's 3rd birthday, things got HARD.Honestly guys, I swear he KNOWS I'm working on improving my parenting mojo and is all like, 'Oh yeah mom?!  Well what's your hot advice going to be about dealing with this?!' as he smashes an entire basket of Lego all over the floor.Repeat.  Times infinity.So yeah.  It's been super-stressful....more


How Losing My Temper Turned Into an Unforgettable Lesson in Forgiveness

I lost it today at lunch. Like, frickin' lost it. I knew it was happening too. I could feel my frustration reaching a boiling point. I kept thinking, "Kelly! DON'T DO IT!" But I yelled anyway. Then when my toddler started laughing at me, I yelled some more. Just to really show him who was boss. And I instantly wished I hadn't. As much as I would have preferred to handle the situation with calm and grace, I didn't. ...more
ohthesimplejoys It really is amazing how their hearts are naturally so open, loving and ...more