fence repair & a naughty bison

We have a young  buffalo and he is so naughty. As his human parents we are just as silly, though. http://lazywmarie.com/fence-repair-a-naughty-bison/Lessons learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared~Marie at the Lazy W ...more

Heading to PA for Nature and Spiritual Rest

Friday we are setting out for our woodland summer cottage on a small lake in PA. The cabin is right next to the water and we see lots of wildlife. Every night, we canoe to the wild end of the lake and see a bold eagle pair that have nested there for 7 years. We also see beaver and a Great Blue Heron, turtles and deer. Occasionally, we see the black bear and cubs. We keep a good distance from her. It is a place of spiritual renewal, rest and wellness. I will also continue to work at marketing my book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood....more

Going to the Dogs!

Supporting your local animal shelter is a great service project for kids and adults alike....more

Amazing – Animals In The Womb

These photos are awesome! Baby animals are just beautiful even before they’re born! So here’s a few for you all to see!They aren’t totally real. Producer Peter Chinn used a combination of dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras and computer graphics to create these truly astonishing embryonic images of unborn animals for a National Geographic documentary that aired several years ago....more

Dangers for Your Pets During the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, we forget that many of the things we enjoy can be harmful for our furry friends. Make sure they are safe from these hidden pet dangers. ...more

The World’s Top 10 Funniest Animals Dressed as Reindeer

The World’s Top 10 Funniest Animals Dressed as Reindeer...more

There's a snake under my daughter's bed! WTH???

My husband likes to say that our youngest, Leelou, can speak parseltongue, like in the Harry Potter books, because in her ongoing effort to learn to talk, she sometimes grins mischievously (like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, if I tell the truth), and produces a series of noises that sound kind of like, "spspsp...adohomin...spspsp." ...more
When I was a toddler my mom found me sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor playing with a ...more

Crazy night

We are all cooped up in the cottage and Kasia is going nuts. Obviously there is an animal out there that she wants to check out. We have the Phillies on the radio, Zush is gently snoring, and Jim and I are on the computer. It is funny, how with us not having a home right now, we have crammed enough stuff in here but it is far from homey.Jim is standing watching his PC and I am tucked away in a corner. When sleep finally comes tonight, you can rest assured we will be dreaming of a finished home. ...more

Typical Tuesday

 It's a typical Tuesday, so you know what that means, right? It means nothing actually....more
@Denise It does feel like Monday, I agree.more

Naming the Dog: What's Your Method?

I have named, or helped name, a lot of dogs and my life and I've never considered any of the things suggested in The Art of Naming a Dog. I'm a little surprised they didn't mention things like Scrabble name scores because they've covered pretty much every other naming issue possible. Sheesh, how silly. ...more
We have a dog and a cat. We adopted our cat with name in tow, Her name is Baby. It suited her ...more