Pet Care: Injuries and Health Insurance

Who says animals can't be creative? If you've got pets, then you already know the many ways that beasties can hurt themselves unknowingly. In a recent conversation with Rob Jackson, CEO of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, we discussed some common - and not so common - injury claims that he sees on his desk (including one that happened in his own office) and how they can be easily avoided....more
No, to insurance, and this pup is lucky you were there.more

Love is a many splendid thing...

As I walked into my friend’s house, I spotted her cat across the room. “Wow, he got big,” I commented as I sat down on the floor and extended my hand. “I know!  But he’s not going to come over,” she explained.  “He is so unfriendly.” ...more

Unique Gift Idea for Kids


Animal Ambassadors

If anyone asks, I always say I'm not an animal person. Animals have teeth and can't talk. How scary is that! I'd much rather spend my time with someone who I'm not afraid will bite my hand off.Even though I've been attacked by dogs, cats, geese and palmetto bugs in the past there are some animals that still hold a special place in my heart. This is dedicated to all the animal ambassadors in my life. Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch....more

Exciting Times For Favorite Political Animals

Everybody seems to agree that politics is going to the dogs. All we have left to decide is how the dogs would vote....more

Vegan For Life: Dietary to Ethical

A few weeks ago I shared my “vegan conversion” story  on James McWilliams’s Eating Plants blog.  Since then, I have been thinking a lot about my transition from a dietary vegan to an ethical one. Image: Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr I always give credit to the big three:...more

Self-Milking Cows and Other Curiosities of the Modern Dairy Farm

Smart cow?  Photo by Withywindle Nature, 2012...more

Sorry, Goldilocks Isn't Home Right Now

I'm minding my own business, walking through the living room when out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse through the window of something black.  "Hmm..", I think, "There is a strange dog in the yard".  I back up a step and take a second, longer look.  THAT is not a dog.  THAT IS A BEAR!    ...more
I hope bears don't like tomatoes or cucumbers!  And I guess I should check to see if he left me ...more

Getting Goats

After spending a year with our chickens and loving every minute of it, hubs and I have decided to expand our homestead horizon and venture into getting goats. Why goats? As my interest and knowledge of homesteading grows, I've found that goats are actually quite useful -- and so stinkin cute! And call me "old-fashioned" (please), but I am hoping to use the milk for ice cream, cheese, butter, and soap. ...more
I love that I came across this post. We have been raising chickens for the past two years and ...more