Sightings of Creatures in the Wild

 We are here in Northern PA and on a little lake in the woods. So far we have seen Grandaddy Turtle (a big snapper) in the lake near us, a red snake on a hike (non-venomous), beaver on the lake while we were canoeing, and the bald eagle near its nest. The end of the lake belongs to the animals and we take the canoe each night very carefully and quietly there, being careful not to get too close. The bald eagles have a huge nest in one of the trees. They and their ofspring have been seen there for years. It is such a privilage to have them there. And we love our beaver....more
OH, my, what a treat, Barbara, to be in the midst of nature, to see its beauty in the raw. But ...more

The Family Dog

Alex and I had been married for a couple of years. We enjoyed our alone together as newly weds, but when Alex's work schedule kept him away the house seemed empty. And then it struck... puppy fever.The first time I saw her red hair, I knew she was mine. It didn't take long for her to get settled in. We named her Kaiya, "peaceful"....more
I never imagined that I would have a long haired dog, but here we are with the sweetest Golden ...more

Best Field Trip Answer, EVER

Our first grade field trip to the farm this week......more Thanks Robin.  It was a fun day and Peter really enjoyed all of the new ...more

PAD Challenge--Day 26

When we come into this world, we are never alone. From that first lungful of air to our last, the world parades a myriad of creatures past our senses in an attempt to get our attention and admiration.These creatures come in all shapes, sizes, temperments, colors, and purposes. And we are one of their number, regardless of what our egos tell us to the contrary. Animals surround us. Some frighten us. Others reach inside with their love and capture our hearts. But, always, they are with us....more


Renee RobinsonMe and my friendsHanging aroundEnjoying lifeIn our small townWe long to travelAround the country...more

Our Fluffy New Pet!

Boys are gross. They like gross things. Yesterday morning I was in Florida finishing up the packing before our afternoon flight. I pulled out a small dresser, kneeled down to unplug Tilly’s baby monitor and noticed something on the corner of the rug that was brown, about three inches long and 1/2 an inch wide. Knowing that we were in an area that has alligators, lizards everywhere, and huge prehistoric looking bugs I decided to back away and let Nick take a closer look....more
 @chartilly It sounds like the perfect deal to me!more

Cute Doesn't Even Describe This

  Happy Wednesday :)I'm sharing with you some cuteness today!Why? Because I am loving all these pinterest finds and I can't not, NOT show you duh!Hope you find as much cuteness in these darlings as I did :)...more

Bitches Against Romney: Chasing the Dog Vote

Every good dog has his day, and Seamus Romney is finally feeling his alpha male oats.  Seamus, the long-deceased Irish Setter who belonged to presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, became famous for one of the Romney family's annual summer road trips which took place more than 25 years ago.  The 12-hour journey was from Massachusetts to Canada.  Evidently, with five strapping sons and all that luggage, there was little room to spare in the Romney station wagon....more

Visiting Dignitary: Russian Tortoise Prokofiev

My son is taking an Animal Science class this semester as an elective.  I didn’t really encourage the class because…I dunno…I’m not an animal person.  I think they belong in the wild, mainly because they BITE.  Plus, if a person dies with a houseful of pets and nobody discovers the body for a while, guess what the animals start eating?  Mmm hmm.  Just search “pets eating dead owners” on Google if you’d like examples.Of course, I guess it happens with people too, like the Donner Party.  Oh, dang it!  Now I’m suspicious of humans....more

Donald Trump Jr.

Blog DirectoryIf I could interview #$%^$^ this is what’d I’d ask. it’s also what i’d imagine he’d say:me: can you give me any good reason why you didn’t explore Africa? like maybe for its history?dt jr: i wanted to go to a country where i couldn’t translate in english what people were cursing at it’s enough that you’ll never have to want for anything. why can’t you give back? like for AIDS in africa?...more