Abstinence Didn't Work For Her Either

Already a single parent, Kitty came to us moody, feeling fat, and ready to pop out quintuplets. She and her children joined the hundreds of others coming to spcaLA with thousands more on the way. It upsets me when a dog, cat or bunny fret to me that they are surprised by the discovery of an unwanted pregnancy. The only thing left to do was to ask the pets to please sign an abstinence agreement in order to be part of the solution. Alas, they are no more successful than the rest of us in sticking to it.  Please - help me help them....more

Appreciating only one thing?

Impossible. One thing I appreciate most? Can't say one, so I'll just make a list, as I'm feeling rather listy tonight (I've been on a cleaning/organizing/purging tear lately, so list-making fits right in.)...more

My Dog's ROI

Some of you who follow my dog blog on Twitter may have seen my annoyed tweet last week about overhearing an office conversation about dogs. The short-version of what I overheard went something like this: For all the money, time and effort put into a dog and for their lifespan, their ROI is not that much. I mean you get unconditional love, but still. ...more

I consider Toby my child, too!

Michelle ...more

Squirrels Never Forget: Eat Peanut Butter & Just Shoot a Picture. Sarah Palin Missed This One!

An spcaLA employee came upon a newborn squirrel in distress. She cared for and bottle fed him around the clock. When Mr. Squirrel, as he was so named, was ready, she released him on our village grounds so he could live his life.  Each day since, Mr. Squirrel has joined our employee for lunch where they share apple slices and peanut butter.It was recently reported that Mr. Squirrel has begun taking spcaLA evening dog obedience and agility classes. He reports to class and performs the exercises behind or alongside our canine students. He is doing very well in school....more

Gift Guide for Animal Lovers

I'm not big on holiday gifts for animals as I've noticed they don't keep calendars. Also, every cat I've ever known has been an atheist and in one case, a Nietzschean, so I save money not buying dime bags of catnip wrapped in red bows. And what cat doesn't view the sudden appearance of a bejeweled giant tree in the house as a personal gift anyway? Instead, I've put together a list of holiday gifts for animal-loving humans…humans that see the big picture, or just need a nudge. ...more

Heifer International is just one of the coolest organizations in the world - and by far my ...more

This Week in Animal News: Puppy Mills, Live Crab Vending Machines, Canned Hunting

While American humanoids battled it out this week in the usual teeter-totter grab for power, animals went about their business. Or tried to. There were some bizarre developments in the animal world -- some victories, some defeats and one very big WTF? involving a country western "star" and a tame bear named Cubby. ...more

Thanks for noting this. I've had 'Cubby' dreams for several nights now. Terrible story. ...more

Exercising my pencil.

I've been in the need of a little creativity lately to keep me occupied. So when I found the book Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun (Lab Series)...more

Galapagos Expedition | Day 8

Fernandina Island ...more

Pets in the Workplace: Dog Day Afternoons

Years ago, I worked at a small town newspaper where "Office Dog" was a regular position on the masthead. (Including a dog named Do who was verbally hard to chastise: "Do! Don't!") Workplace pets are surely on the rise but working like a dog (or rather, alongside one) isn't for everyone. Nevertheless, 75 million Americans believe pets in the workplace make people happier. ...more

While I don't think we are necessarily facing pet alligators by the water cooler I love your ...more

ABC Animal Jamboree

Check out my review at http://kristisbooknook.blogspot.com This is one of the new books from the fall collection of Tiger Tales Books.   ...more