Mini Apple Turnovers

So right now if you asked me.. Alison do you want some apple pie?? I would say eh no thanks. BUT if you asked me.. Alison do you want a mini apple turnover? I would say hell yea I do!!It’s all about presentation. My mom used to make an entire bowl of jello and put it in the fridge and no one would eat it. Yet, when she made jello and put it into individual cups in the fridge… we would eat them all right away....more

Baked Apple Pork Chops- Paleo inspired

Apples and Pork Chops go together like peanut butter & jelly, like marco & polo, like the kardashians and… well you never mind you get the point!This recipe was fast, easy, and obviously delicious.It was inspired from a paleo recipe that I found- so if you’re on that new paleo kick that everyone’s been talking about this recipe is also for you!...more

Red Hots Apple Pie Smoothie

Happy Friday guys! I’m so happy the weekend is here. This time of year is always so much fun, but it’s leaving me a little drained in the energy department. Christmas is next week, can you even believe it? So many indulgent sweets and treats ahead of us yet! I just so happen to have a fun one in store for you today!...more

What Is the Best App on Your Phone?

So what's your favourite app? I love peeking at people's phones and seeing what apps they couldn't live without. Since I can't see their phones, I had to ask this nosy question of all the other editors at BlogHer via email. Luckily, they answered me, and I got a few new ones to download. And now I'm turning over the question to you: what is the one app that you gush about? That you love love love. That you tell other people to download? Even more than finding out about new apps, I love hearing how people are cleverly using existing apps; even simple ones like Notes. So chime in with your best tips (and apps!) in the comment section. And don't worry that we're asking you to choose just one: we can spread this appiness every month. ...more
I find Screen grabber very usefulmore

Spiced Apple Pie

Apple Pie, is there anything better on a cool fall day? The warm spiced apples surrounded by the delicate flaky crust. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. I took a trip to our local orchard and picked some delicious Granny Smith’s. I knew their future looked bright with this pie. As promised in my Lattice Pie Crust Post, here is my spiced apples recipe....more

Gluten Free Crockpot Apple Crumble Cake

Do you already have plans for dinner, but know that you’re still gonna want something sweet later?! How about trying dessert IN YOUR CROCKPOT?! I’ll admit,I was sketchy at first too.. On top of that, I was attempting a gluten free dessert, which can be a pain to begin with, but, let me just tell you, this cooked up SO WELL!!! That speaks VOLUMES in the gluten free world, so I’m sure it would be that much more amazing made with a “normal” baking mix.Click here for the recipe:...more

What's In My Tin? Apple Oatmeal Wheat Fingers

Whole Wheat Apple Walnut Muffins

You’ll find no guilt in the ingredients of these whole wheat apple walnut muffins!...more

I show you how to create an Apple app icon for your blog in 2 minutes!

I changed the website design last week. For the readers who don’t know, I worked as web designer for over 10 years before starting Women love Tech, this is why I love so much technology. Coming back to the website new look, this site is filled with the latest technology features.Don’t worry I won’t explained the site’s backend – the only thing you need to know the site is easier to browse, wider and I hope Women Love Tech’s site is tasteful....more

Why Are Facebook, Apple Paying for Women to Freeze Their Eggs?

Today, Mashable reported that Facebook and Apple have both put policies into place to pay for a woman to freeze her eggs, effectively allowing her to delay having a child. Is this a boon? Or a creepy suggestion about how to succeed in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive world of tech?...more
I was horrified by this being labelled as a perk. I'm sure for some ppl it's great to know the $ ...more