Very often my reaction upon reading my horoscope is:

Very often my reaction upon reading my horoscope is to decide that there was once a massive glue failure at the old Winnebago hospital. One day, in the nursery all the little ID bands around all the little newborn ankles came apart. All those little kicking feet sent the loose ID bands floating about the room. The nurses were all in the break room watching As The World Turns. Once back at their duties, and presented with the Great ID Band Disaster of 1965, they decided on that good-old standby in times of trial:  The Cover-Up. I'm really someone else. ...more

Astrology: Shine on Harvest Moon!

This month’s Full Moon is in the Fire sign of Aries on Thursday 9/23. It is also this year’s Harvest Moon. (“Harvest” is any Full Moon that occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox– which happened when the Sun glided into Libra on 9/22/10.) During this Full phase, the Libra Sun is directly opposite and lights the Aries Moon. Rather than the more familiar crescent shape, we see it round and beautiful. ...more

Astrology: Moving Planets – Uranus into Aries, May 2010

Uranus is moving into the fire sign of Aries on May 27th 2010, (9:48pm EDT/ 6:48pm PDT) after a 7 year stay in the imaginative, sensitive water sign of Pisces.  Unpredictable Uranus in the sign of high energy, combustible Aries can lead to dynamic changes, (such as advances in Science, technology – computers will be faster, the “next new thing” will be developed and immediately go “viral”). Think “electric”. ...more

Astrology: Sun & Moon - Double Whammy in Aries!

Aries New Moon on April 14th - while the Sun shines in that same fiery sign (until 4/20). Expect some volatile, combustible, impulsive happenings.  Beware of rash moves and acting/speaking without thinking, but do take advantage of all that good aggressive Aries physicality. Go for it! ...more

Astrology: Pisces Moon This Weekend

 On Friday evening April 9th, the moon gentles its way into sensitive, creative Pisces.  Don’t let “feelings” overwhelm you or lose your grip on the real.  ...more