An Arizona Ghost Town

My husband and I were vacationing in Arizona when we encountered a ghost town.It wasn't the ordinary sort of ghost town, neither the kind with re-created western storefronts and actors playing at gunfights and saloons that serve sarsaparilla nor the kind that are abandoned towns of the 1930s or 50s that sport  completely empty streets, dilapidated houses, decrepit main streets, and sand-filled parks and parking lots.This was something else again....more

Art, Farms, Food, History, and Hiking in Yuma, Arizona

It's only a 3-hour drive from Phoenix to Yuma, a neat but often-overlooked city in the southwesternmost corner of Arizona. I made the trip recently with my husband, Phillip....more

Imagining a Life in the Red Chairs

Jerome, Arizona, is high up. It's not as high up as some towns in Arizona but it seems to be everyone's favorite high up town. It is old and carefully quirky, all the rust is artful and intentional and the mood is specially crafted to make visitors regret many of their life decisions.Why don't we live up on this mountain so we could sit in these red chairs?...more

A Mural for the Missing

A community art project that was too controversial for New York City has found a home in Phoenix, Arizona.The mural was nearly finished when I stopped by last week. Half a dozen artists were there painting or standing back to Instagram the process - which, really, is also part of spreading a message. In fact, that's how I heard about the piece....more

Top 10 Things to Do in AZ for Spring Training (besides baseball)

Amberblogger- www.globalmunchkins.wordpress.comFollow me: @globalmunchkins ...more

Arizona Canal Running Routes for Zonie Runners

I found this awesome resource and I just had to share. I’ve been running the canal since I moved into my new place in uptown Phoenix but there were some sections of the canal where I had no idea where it would take me. A lot of the canal areas were poorly lit or in not-so-nice neighborhoods, so I did some Googling and I found the AZ Canal Mileage Calculator on

Brrrr #ArizonaGirl

 Funny how every summer, I promise myself not to act like a wimp once the weather cools down. Yet, here I went running in a thick hoodie in the middle of the day....more

Labor Day Fun...

Our long Labor Day weekend spent with our favorite Arizona peeps in Scottsdale was nothing less than a blast! It went by in a flash... We hiked, soaked up the sun, ate some great food, had a lot of laughs and just enjoyed spending time together again. Oh, Mark & Jack played a little Diamondbacks baseball too. Click here to see his hit which was the only run driven in for his team (the white team-how appropriate right?) I rocked my white denim for one last time and it was the perfect way to end summer......more

Who's to blame?

I typically try to stay away from opinionated posts.  It's tough to write a piece knowing that many will be opposed to what you think and believe in.  But this is something that I don't want to keep quiet about, something that was so irresponsible and had such a devastating outcome....more

Remove "Sexual Misconduct" Report from Kindergartner's Permanent Record

An Arizona kindergartner, 5-year-old Eric Lopez, has been disciplined for "sexual misconduct" after pulling his pants down on a playground at his elementary school when another student told him to do so. As Eric's mother, Erica Martinez, says in about the April incident, her son is "a 5-year-old. He does not know right from wrong yet.”...more