What happened to Brandy Dawn Hutchins?

MURDERS - Hutchins, Brandy Dawn- Clarksville girl found slain in house bearing satanic symbols.  Authorities say they have suspects in slaying case, Jamie Hamrick offered home to Hutchins, doubt s satanism. Sheriff Eddie King believes devil worship involved in death. Jamie Hamrick relates conversations with Miss Hutchins.This is from an article I found of the Gazette 1988. This crime happened on 11/15/1988. To this day there has been no conviction and the whole thing just "went away" so to speak. I think it is long past time that someone paid for this crime....more

Today I went up a mountain.....to a cattle sale!

I want to just say a couple of things because I'm REALLY tired. Today I went up a mountain in Arkansas, to a cattle sale. I am so privileged to be able to see the things and meet the people I do in my work. Super people, in an industry that I love, doing a great job and serving the industry at the same time.....it was an awesome day. I hope to be able to put some photos on at some point. But right now I'm just blogging for blogging's sake.....to see if I can do it every day for one month....:) Have a great weekend.~JB (Farm is Where the Heart Is)...more

Elton John's Baby a Danger to "Young Shoppers" in Arkansas?

It’s the height of silly, really, since to look at the magazine, you wouldn’t necessarily even know you were looking at a gay couple and their baby. And, as the GLBT group pointed out, it isn’t exactly Hustler. Let’s face it, Elton John has seen his sexiest days. And even if they did realize they were looking at gay dads, I’m pretty sure no young shoppers were harmed by the magazine cover before the shield was put up or after it was removed. ...more

My whole family is from Arkansas. I have spent, probably, a total of five years there, if you ...more

The Apocalypse? -- Raining Birds, Dead Fish, and China's Locust War

If you live in Arkansas, 2011 certainly kicked off in an Apocalyptic fashion. On New Year's Eve, over 3,000 red-winged blackbirds - dead as the night - rained down upon the tiny town of Beebe (Pop. 4930). The bizarre event has ornithologists scratching their heads, the media making cinematic references and the locals confessing all sins. And having thousands of dead fish pop up on the same day elsewhere in Arkansas … well, it's certainly not helping. ...more

This is why my 'happy hour' starts earlier and earlier ....


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