Communicating with colour

Extract from 'Communicating with colour' blog post. To discover extras, such as links to talented artists, visit the post here. 'Colour in a picture is like enthusiasm in life' - Vincent Van Gogh ...more

Finding Inspiration

Taken from mywordpress blog 13/08/16  I have two ‘go-to’ ways of working, but I find the easiest and most relaxed to be working from a photograph. By working this way you don’t have to worry about changes in light, or changes in position, and are free to re-visit your piece at a pace to suit you....more

A Peek in my Art Journal: Link-up #15

This week, I completed the ...more

Designing An Art-Centric Space

                                                          Image Source via Betty Wasserman...more

Art is the new “black!” What Your Preschooler Can Learn From Studying the Fine Arts

Did you know that art education – even at the preschool level – is just as important to development as reading and math?  In fact, art is a major building block in child development and learning to create and appreciate visual beauty may be even more important to the development of the next generation of children....more