New Art and Print Cards by Akemanartist

I have been busy with new art and new ideas. A lot of my friends on Kaboodle LOVE this Rockin' Sea Turtle I did.

Inspiring with Food

We all go through phases with our children's diets. (Heck, I go through phases in my own diet as my tastes change throughout the month. So what can I expect?) But kids are notorious for being "picky," "difficult" and "plain." And truth be told, my kids have thus far been truly amazing little eaters. My first has very openly tasted foods most of her life, leaning towards a less-interested stage when she hit four years of age, but nonetheless, discovering for herself what she truly enjoys and absolutely detests. ...more

I'm so glad you found it useful. Have fun! Cheers.

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For Father's Day: A Museum of One's Own Redux

In honor of Father's Day, I offer one of my favorite blog posts, A Museum of One's Own: Love Letter to The Nelson.  I do so because my father is the heart of that post and because he is visiting the Nelson today courtesy of my brother who is visiting from California.  My son will accompany them, so three generations of my family will stride the halls of that magnificent museum.  The v...more

Midnight in Paris - Film Review

Have you ever gone to a film reluctantly? A lot of the times you think the movie isn't your cup of tea, right? I had to use that expression because my mother wanted to go see the latest Owen Wilson film because she likes him. Yes, my mouth dropped open when she said that. My mom likes Owen Wilson!...more

New Art and Children's Bracelet

Cut Stick Glue! My scrapbooking son

Thanks for your comments - I think he's a dude too, but I'm somewhat biased! Believe me, he ...more

I need to relax a bit

Well, I got to thinking today that having a special needs child really dominates my whole thought process. If Riley has a headache, there is a tiny part of my brain, that I often try to ignore, that likes to think Riley has intracranial pressure and will soon end up with hydrocephalus. It’s possible with tuberous sclerosis. But can’t Riley have a headache just because he has a simple headache? I had a headache yesterday and I don’t have tuberous sclerosis....more

EyeThink Inc - Unique gifts,toys,books and more for all

The Souper EyeThink Inc. has unique, affordable gifts for children and adults. Check out website as well as video of museum exhibit in Poland. A real "Wow" visual.  View interview with creator of EyeThink Inc. Browse through gift items. Something for everyone! The Souper...more


So, it's now 3 months post surgery and we are going NUTS! Doctors forgot to mention a "little" thing called "behavioral changes" post surgery!! Okay, so not complete behavioral changes but anything that Riley had going on in his head pre-surgery has been put on a stage, groomed, and the spot light is on -so to speak. For example, Riley's ADD is off the charts. Riley's obsessions have worsened to such a degree that, you see that adorable smiley face at the end of this page?, that smiley face is plastered on just about every wall in my house. They are held prisoner on my fridge....more

Dragon for Sale