Franz Liszt turns 200


Sunday, Sunday...

Mama gave a final hug to her room mates, Caleb, Suri, Joshie, Molly and Simcha, and dashed off with BFF Betty and her quiet son, Greg, for their annual pilgrimage to Branson, Missouri.  Her favorite is the Lawrence Welk Show, but mom, "Nan", is happy as a clam with most anything musical.  The first born of the famous dancer/singer/actor James Waugh Russell,  Nan comes by her appreciation of entertainment naturally.  Although she is retired from her hula dancing and doesn't win anymore trophies for her jitterbug, she still does the Russ...more

A Lesson in Art -- and Racial Identity

I volunteer as an Art Docent at my kids' school, which means that once a month I go into the classroom to teach the kids about a famous artist and let them try their hand at the techniques that artist used. For my latest project, I taught Little Brother’s first grade class how to draw self-portraits. The lesson was supposed to be about proportions. Each child would get a large sheet of white paper, on which they would draw an oval and sketch in pencil lines which would help them place their eyes, nose and mouth. ...more
It seems that we are never totally happy with who we are! @Kariannamore

How great art is created

How does a sculpture get from this,  The start of a sculpture...more


It is unusually warm for Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday, while G. and the girls barbecued the turkey (which turned out really well), I sunbathed on the lawn like the lazy dog I am. The turn to fall means that it's still dark when I go running in the morning. No one else is out and so the trails are all mine (well mine and the lazy brute of a dog that runs with me). The trail we usually take runs along the river and just as we normally will get ready to turn around and head back, the sun begins to rise over the water. No matter how tired and cranky I am, this always stops me in my tracks....more
The sunrise always brings me happiness and the warm light always seems to have a promise of ...more

It's Art; Let Them Do It

On Saturdays, we do a family specials program that the kids love. We do gym, art, and music in quick succession. It's metered out to a toddler's attention span. For an adult, well, it's quick enough to make your head spin. Anyway, during the art portion, they set up small, fun projects for the kids to do. One strange thing I noticed? The parents are doing the projects. Why? The teachers are encouraging this, too. I don't get it....more

My portrait is tattooed on my daughter’s arm!

Tattoo mania is the happening these days. This new craze, is it addiction or expression? And though tattoos are not for me, because I would not put anything on my body that I could not remove or wipe off when I tired of it, there is awesome artwork staining flesh these days. And now my oldest daughter that has a “sleeve” of tattoos—a colorful menagerie—on one arm has added my portrait, of when I was about twenty-one years of age, to her collection. Sigh!...more
You know what, I'll get a picture of her arm, and then share it here on BlogHer. Good idea, ...more

I Didn't Like the Sistine Chapel

It’s a terrible thing for me to admit.  I have no artistic abilities.  In Grade One I failed colouring.  And my teacher was my mother’s best friend.  I took art lessons.  And I love art.  I just can’t produce any.  So it’s a sign of my terrible hubris when I say that I didn’t like the Sistine Chapel.  I planned on liking it.  I still like pictures of it.  But the great reveal moment, when you finally get to see a piece of art that you’ve seen only piecemeal reproductions before?  It didn’t do it for me....more
I guess what I didn't say was that if God's nature is love we have to be free to choose whether ...more

I Heart Art

Art streams through my arteries and veins and swims through my synapses.  The smell of paint and darkroom chemicals have claimed their permanent spot in my ol’ olfactories, and the sound of nails being hammered through canvas into a wood stretcher are locked into my auditory system.  From a young age, art has been a fixture in my life....more

Daub, Dot, Do at Kids Hop

  September 9-10, 2011 ...more