Doing Things For Ourselves Cause Ripples

I felt that every day was exactly the same as the last. I woke up to the exact same tasks every day, and it was monotonous. I was so bored with everything and nothing seemed to change except that my children were slightly larger and didn’t really want me to be around as much as they used to. I didn’t know what to do. ...more
Its early morning over here in Indonesia and I stumbled upon this article, somehow I dont ...more

How to Preserve that Childhood Lovey

Car keys?  Check.  Cell phone?  Check.  Diaper?  Check.  Snack?  Check.  Thumkin?  Check.  Seven months after Little Friend was born, we had another addition to the family: Thumkin.  You may not know our Thumkin, but you know a thumkin.  You know that thing–the thing that’s so indispensable to baby that you’ll turn the car around an hour into a four-hour trip or buy three extras as “just in case” back ups?  You know, that ratty, thread bare, nubby, worn, loved-t0-pieces thing?  That’s Little Friend’s Thumkin....more

Snow Day

Friday, January 21, 2011 Snow Day Yesterday I was successful in signing a painting with the extra time at home, the giraffe picture.  The youngest, A loves it so it is hers.  ...more

Easy apple and pear compote

Easy apple and pear compoteI am trying to make a fruit compote at least every week. This is so easy to cook and so comforting too. On top of ice cream or yogurt, with some waffles, toasts or crepes in the morning, it is absolutely fantastic. This is an easy recipes that you can make very quickly. Easy apple and pear compote Ingredients ...more

Window Art

A hot drink to help fight the cold and the flu

A hot drink to help fight the cold and the fluProbably right now, you are a bit sick like me; you have the flu or a big cold. When we are a bit groggy: runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness, the whole shabang, i am making a great concoction that we call a Ponce. This drink is very effective for the blues of the long winter nights. Be sure you are making it right before going to sleep, because, you will sleep like a baby ! Here is the recipe. Ingredients 1/2 cup of orange juice 1/2 cup of water...more

Why Is Being Creative So Important?

 There is a reason they call it "creative spirit."When in the "creative spirit," I feel like I am plugged into my inner self. Once engrossed in the creative task at hand, I am zoned....more

Thank you Sara. I checked out your site and wow, gorgeous creations! more

Creating a menu for a great dinner

Creating a menu for a great dinner When we are having guests for dinner, my first thought is to think about the preparation of the perfect menu (and also cleaning up the house, that, i am not really fond of). Because you know how it works, it is not the same thing having over for dinner Elvis Presley or The Queen Elizabeth. Clearly, i wouldn't execute the same menu, the same ambiance, the same wine. Did Elvis ever drank wine ? That is a mystery to me......more

Image of The juicy tomato

Image of The juicy tomato I am beginning to paint a series of small artworks with the theme of food. Hopefully there will be numerous paintings that will follow. Here is the first one called The juicy tomato. I am excited to paint on smaller canvas. It will be a nice change. ...more

Step One

The Hubby finally was able to start hanging the pictures in my messy room.  See the cat in the middle.  That picture was in my room (shared with Si...more