Painting of a girl with all her best things

Painting of a girl with all her best things I have just finished a new painting called The girl and all her best things. Basically it is kind of a self portrait. Me surrounded by all the things that i love and that are so important to me. I like creating those kind of images because they are so joyful....more

A cat painting for spring

A cat painting for spring Here is my latest creation. A cat painting with flowers inspired by a previous painting that i did a couple years ago. This is acrylic and ink....more

I like it very much!

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Noun creātrix (genitive creātrīcis); f, third declension A female who brings forth or produces; a mother. creatress. A female founder, authoress, creatrix. originator. ...more

False Buttons: What If There IS Something You Can Do About It

A few months back I was with a friend who was telling me about all the problems she was facing in life, which were overwhelming. The problems ranged from financial to medical and were affecting her whole family, including her parents and her children. She concluded her part of the conversation with this statement: "But, there's nothing I can really do about it." I looked at her and said, "What if that's a lie?" ...more

It's so hard to catch because it is a knee-jerk reation at the gut level. I had to pay such ...more

The Beautiful World of Josephine Wall

It was a wonderful visit two years ago, my dear friend Pat had come back to Canada from England for a conference and a chance to see family and friends. Though most of our time was spent getting up to speed on our lives, a day trip out led us into a local bookstore. As we each combed through the books and items for sale in Black Bond Books I came across a journal that captured my attention....more

A lot of new paintings

A lot of new paintings I am currently in the process of creating a lot of new images, that is why i am less ponctual with my blog. But i am fully working on my production. Here are the images that i created in the last couple of weeks. ...more

Walking Out Your Faith: Making God The Project Manager

By Ivory Simone  ...more

Red Bridge

Signed yet another. {Weight loss report - down 5 pounds} ...more

Ten Things That Changed In Me When I Moved

Before I begin, I would like to briefly describe how I wound up on this farm, and to state that I am, by no means, a farm girl, but merely a city girl that loves to get her hands dirty. This is not intended to be a 'downer' post or a self-centered "poor me" one, but a few life lessons that I have learned in my 19 short years of existence, and possibly some tips for those that aren't coping so well with moving out....more