Book Signing and Art Display, March 9

      BOOK SIGNING and ART DISPLAYfor Barbara Hughes' book:Enfolded in SilenceA Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhoodand some of my sculpture and  painting...more

Selfie Meets Hurricane Ethel

Is Your Heart Open?

Well, is it?  And what does that mean to you?  It means something different to everyone.  When I  used the phrase ...more
Beautifully said. Thanks for sharing your heart.more

A Million Little Ways

"The preschool hallway at church is crowded with high-heeled women and slack-wearing men.  The girls hold on to various parts of my coat while I navigate my way to my son’s classroom.  As we pass the window looking into the two-year-old room, an out-of-place image in the corner catches my eye.  A man stands still, children scurry around him on knees and Play-Doh-covered hands....more

Is Art the Ultimate Motivator of Mankind?

Art probably is one of the single best religions that unifies all followers around it. It is also one of those few things in life that has a variety of meaning and understanding. Another distinctive feature of any art is the fact that it is respected and admired by one and all irrespective of whether or not he is a loyal to it....more

Artist vs Farmer - What Does a Turnip Really Look Like?

Artist: What are you doing?Farmer: Photographing a rutabaga.Artist: Cattle feed.Later...A rutabaga and a turnip disappear into an artist's studio (which sounds like the start to a terrible joke but is actually what happened some time after Dad saw me taking photographs of root vegetables for yesterday's blog post...). What came out of the studio was these two drawings:...more

Etsy Etsy Etsy

We've sold 5 pieces! And have a request for a custom order on a 6th! This is so exciting! The stuffed animal paintings seem to be the biggest hit, with the butterflies a close second. We're scrambling to get everything ready to go - for some reason, I thought it would take longer for people to make purchases, but nope! They're buying away! I just love the thought of Ross's art hanging on people's walls - it makes me so happy having it here, I just know it'll make other people smile too. Here's what we've sold so far: ...more

Humourous, Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

When I think of a typical hundred year-old painting  of a mother with her children, I think of idealized images where everyone has a sombre expression on their faces.  Well these painters had a sense of as humour as they capture the moments when a mother is overwhelmed by her children's need to touch her, even when she tries to work. These artists must have been fathers because they have remarkably insights  into the mother/ child dynamic. .They remind me of the days when I felt like a mauled mother cat, feeling like if one more person touched me that I would scream....more
inevertoldher especially the painting of the woman sitting with her head propped up, just ...more

The Art of Bipolar

Writing has saved me. I cannot tell you how healing its medicine is, and what a release it is to be able to let go of all of these dormant, rotting thoughts left inside for far too long. I know that words have saved me before, when I was younger - back when I would relay my suicidal sufferings through stream-of-consciousness writings, or stay up all night, writing my simple poetry. Those simple poems were my simple savior. For whatever reason, writing is the form of art that forces its way through, demands to be seen, and accepts no resistance that I may put up against it....more