Come See Iconogragher, Maria Fonseca, at Work

Stunning images of Brazilian iconograpger Maria Fonseca, painting huge wall murals at the Parish of Our Senora da Conceição - Pau Dos Irons / RN...more

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

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 New York artist Sophia Wallace promotes what she calls "...more

To Be the Giver of a Gift


I.m leading a workshop next weekend on Art and Spirituality

 I am going to Pennsacola, FL, next weekend (Nov 16) to lead a retreat on Art and Spirituality. We will use several different art media (and movement) to explore our spiritual journeys. It is a subject I have taught for many years. I am always moved by how the art brings out the crucial issues. And people find a new way to find the Holy....more

Are You Interested In Zentangle? Here’s How To Get Started

So many of you have asked me, what do I need to get started with Zentangle. I'm not a CZT (certified Zentangle teacher) but here is my space, and everything you need to know to get started.
Karen Ballum Thanks Karen :)more

Sushi Art

Oishi Sushi Restaurant817 Botetourt Ct #105, Chesapeake, VA 23320 (757) 382-0011

Ron DiCianni’s Joyful, Fluid Colour

 Ron DiCianni  is a renowned Christian artist, most famous for his huge murals.  His work is vibrant, filled with joyful colours that appear almost fluid becasue they are suffused with light. I especially love Simeon’s Moment, depicting Simeon at the temple, holding the Jesus, the Messiah who he has waited decades to see....more

New book released about healing from child sexual abuse using art

Barbara HughesNEW BOOK RELEASED TODAYBarbara Hughes' book,  Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood is a book of paintings. poetry and narrative that tells the story of healing from child sexual abuse. It contains also a manual of things that helped me heal.Praise for Enfolded in Silence:...more