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Ron DiCianni’s Joyful, Fluid Colour

 Ron DiCianni  is a renowned Christian artist, most famous for his huge murals.  His work is vibrant, filled with joyful colours that appear almost fluid becasue they are suffused with light. I especially love Simeon’s Moment, depicting Simeon at the temple, holding the Jesus, the Messiah who he has waited decades to see....more

New book released about healing from child sexual abuse using art

Barbara HughesNEW BOOK RELEASED TODAYBarbara Hughes' book,  Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood is a book of paintings. poetry and narrative that tells the story of healing from child sexual abuse. It contains also a manual of things that helped me heal.Praise for Enfolded in Silence:...more

Banksy in Central Park: Case Studies in Marketing 101 for Artists

Last week, Banksy sold his prints on the streets of New York City for $60 a pop. He sold eight.A Banksy regularly sells for six figures at auction. So what gives? ...more
Interesting article. I am an artist and making a living producing a "product" that is subjective ...more

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Art and the Calling I Didn't Heed

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re looking for more in life? I do. A lot.It’s not that I’m not happy with what I have. It’s more of the fact that I haven’t really been spreading my wings far enough. I’m living a sheltered life away from adventure, basking in the security of my condo unit as I enjoy the things I do: reading, caring for my family, and writing....more


St. John Chrysostom I Tim. 1:1-2;12-14, Lk. 8:39-42Last night as I was cooking I thought of the scripture from Ephesians, "We are God's work of art.. ."   People always asked me if I play music, what my "art" is, and my art is I mix bread, and prepare food, knead people's lives, and bring the bread of life to them.  I love in the moment....more


Ahh. Words RESONATE and they call it ART.What do these WORDS make you think about? xoSamantha Jones...more

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