Will My Child’s Label Become a Scarlet Letter?

Over the last few days I’ve read or listened to some very disturbing conversations regarding my children, one with Bipolar Disorder and the other with Aspergers. It honestly feels like our family is wearing a scarlet letter. People believe that all evil comes from families like mine and if society would just remove my children, the world would be a safer place. More than once, I’ve listened to reasoning from individuals that claim the solution to all mass shootings is to have a registry for all people with “labels” or those taking medication so the government can monitor them....more

Why It Took 10 Years to Diagnose My Son's Autism

Thirteen years ago, I had my first child...my son, Ethan. Like any mom, the one thing I hoped for was a healthy child. By all accounts, he was exactly that. I read all of the books I could get my hands on before he was born, and I really thought I had a firm handle on this parenting thing. At some point during my first year of Mommyhood initiation, I developed an unwavering tenacity to take on whatever obstacles life would deal to me. I had a newfound purpose in life that I had never felt before. A Momma Bear was born. ...more

10 Self-Care Tips for Parents with Kids on the Spectrum

When do I possibly have time for a nap? It's about how to find the time. I often discuss the importance of self-care with parents of clients on the Spectrum. Self-care is incredibly important in any situation that is demanding, stressful, and time-consuming. Research conducted in 2009 at University of Wisconsin-Madison indicates that mother's of children with autism have stress levels comparable to combat veterans.How individual families go about managing time for self-care will depend on their circumstances. We don't expect all of these suggestions to work all of the time, for everyone in every situation, but hopefully they can help you brainstorm creative ways to take good care of yourself...more

Stop & Smell the Flowers

Stop and Smell the Flowers...more

Asperger Melt down

Asperger Melt down Today while we were at Mahala's practice Kaden had the Biggest melt down ever....more

Aspergers in the Saddle

Aspergers in the SaddleToday we are going horse back riding for the 2nd time.  Kaden loves it!!!  Here he is riding for the 1st time.  Normally he has so much anxiety around other people.  And in the begging he was scared hidden behind me.  But, there is something about animals that soothes him.  He seems to focus more and is more willing to take direction or try something new.  Maybe I should keep a horse i the house.  HAHAHAHA...more

My Kids Are Not Entirely Fond of Puzzles

This journey…this intro to life with a child on “the spectrum” has been challenging to say the least.  We have so many devastating moments that are balanced by those of complete and utter joy…of hope.   Just when I think we are on the right path of diagnosis, Ben has a few hours of complete normalcy that lead me to believe maybe we’ve been too hasty here.  Maybe I have more control over this than I originally thought....more

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s day and fuck autism.  I recently had a friend who said that she never complains about her situation and just puts her head down and deals with it.  I would give anything to have that kind of strength, but I don’t have it.  I’m weak and angry and depressed and hopeless and everything else that you can throw in.  I’m beyond my limits in every way.  I have no reserves to draw from.  I have nothing.  I’m holding it together by sheer will… and that’s running out....more
I think about my little guy all of the time.  It breaks my heart to see my baby go through this. ...more

Etiology and Biochemical Abnormalities of Autism by Alan Schwartz, M.D

I came across Etiology and Biochemical Abnormalities of Autism, by Alan Schwartz, M.D.  He did a great job at both explaining the differences & their similarities between Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Rett’s Syndrome.  As well as some of the medical problems associated with these disorders.  The fallowing comes from www.springboard4health.com It is well  worth the read, if you have the time for it.—–...more

Not The Queen Of The Autism Ball

 We bought noise-canceling headphones for the fireman, to help with his sensory issues, but I’m the one wearing them right now.  And. I....more