Normal Life? What's That?

It’s easy for me to write epic posts when my life seems complicated and overwhelming.  When it’s going good, I’m too busy enjoying the happy times to sit down and document the happenings.  But, I’m going to because, if anyone out there with a new diagnosis for their child stumbles across this blog, I want them to know that life with autism does have its ups....more

Employee Of The Year? Not So Much...

I really could have used a cape today.My two meetings that were scheduled for this morning (the very important meetings that were going to prepare us for the IFSP meeting) were both cancelled.  One was cancelled as we were getting ready to leave the house and the other was cancelled while we sat in the waiting room.  What can you do when there is a death in the family and someone becomes sick?  A bigger person rolls with the punches.  With my 5-foot tall stature, I’ve never been accused of being a bigger person....more

Will I Be Stronger If I Wear A Cape?

The TV show Parenthood is a gift to me, allowing me to watch from the sidelines as another family navigates the same world that I inhabit.  Like a voyeur with a note pad, I scribble notes rapidly.  “It’s OK to be a controlling mother… at times.”  “It’s OK to obsess over how your child is doing at school… at times.”  “It’s OK to be that mom… at times.”...more

Why I Blame Parenthood For Everything!

Posted on September 18, 2011 by verystrangebird in The Autism Chronicles, Uncategorized...more

Where Will The Energy Come From?

I feel very inadequate today.  I don’t know where I’m going to find the energy to fight for my son in the way that he needs and deserves to be fought for.  When we finally took him in to see a doctor late last year, it was the beginning of a steep uphill battle with agencies and medical providers that I faced with all of the might and tenacity that I could summon.  It was months and months of phone calls and forms and meetings and trips to the doctor’s office and the ER and the psychologists…  Months and months of not being heard until finally I asked a therapist in comp...more

In The Beginning, There Was Bliss... Bwhaaa!!!!

When we last heard from our fearless hero, she was running a business, going to school, living the blissful married life and basking in the glow of motherhood.  I can’t recall exactly the day that this beautiful picture began to show cracks, or if they were always there, just too small to acknowledge.  All I do know is that the picture that I had pinned everything on, the hope for our domestic nirvana, was shattered and now we’re picking up the broken pieces and trying to patch together a new masterpiece for our future.  Except this picture is more deconstruction and less fin...more

The Autism Chronicles

If you know me then you know that I am more than a tarot enthusiast.  I am a mom to a little boy who falls somewhere on the autism spectrum.  The fireman, as I call him, is an amazing 5 year old with a photographic memory, a charming smile and goofy spirit, a compassionate streak that rivals any monk I’ve ever met (I suppose, not that I’ve ever met any monks…) and some quirky developmental disorders that make him extremely sensitive to outside stimulus....more

I Am All of These Things

Someone asked me recently why I don’t write more about my son who has Aspergers.  The day to day struggles must get you down, she said.  Writing is cathartic, she said.  Everyone who has a child on the Autism Spectrum writes about it, a lot, she said....more

Reducing the meds....First time ever!

We have had some really rough spots with the boys. Honestly, it wasn't too long ago that I was whining about this very issue. The past year and half we have been overwhelmed with appointments after appointment. From OT, ST,PT, and visual therapy, psychiatrist, counseling, chiropractors, ER, and just plain sick days. I  often joke that I may not be a soccer mom by any measure, but I sure am an appointment mom....more

"I Don't Want B12 Shots to Take Away My Aspergers, Mom!"

Gabe asked “Why do I have to take these shots, mom?” It was really hard to explain, his eyes were welling up with tears, and I new that he was more then just upset about the shots themselves. I try not to sugar-coat too much for the boys, because frankly they don’t get it. Being direct and simple usually works best. “Well Gabe, B-12 is supposed to help you think better.” I responded, by now he is fully crying. “But mom, I don’t want it to take away my Aspergerssss,” crying pretty uncontrollably at this point....more
I wrote this to Celebr8nGenr8n, I just felt the need to move this up. I really had no idea that ...more