Friday Night 500 Club

TGIF! Fridays rock.  There is a happy vibe in the air, as most everyone seems to be anticipating the weekend's onset.  For me, my smile begins as it always does, by thanking my Creator for waking me up healthy, pain-free, married to a saint and glad my 91-year-old mama is alive and kickin' it.  Kids are healthy and working their goals, same with the grandkids.  Got great jobs, great friends, great dogs...G-d is GREAT! ...more

Sugar Free-Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes

1 c. Pamela’s GF Pancake Baking mix1 egg.About  1 c. water. I like my pancakes thick. The less water you use, the thicker. So if you like your pancakes thinner, just add more water.Mix well.Stir in 1 c. blueberries. ...more

Hashimoto's & Me

I have been dealing with this for at least 8 years or more, maybe 20. And I don't even know where to start in regards to my feelings. It is a mix emotions or horror, self pity, self doubt, even hatred, loads of anger, yet a clear understanding of myself.  I never lacked motivation, drive, or desire. But I have always lacked stamina.  I will get this urgency to say rearrange the whole house in a day, but I am exhausted for a month. Holidays are the same way.  And I am not talking just a little tired....more

The highs & lows of Aspergers

Gabriel is my wonderful 7 year old . We’ve had some pretty tough spots. Mostly because he was so aggressive when he was angered.  I noticed right away, that he wouldn’t look at me. It was devastating as a young mom. I had a plethora of perceptions that were all wrong for him.  I spent many nights feeling alone, isolated, angry, betrayed in a lot of ways, inadequate and  I felt like I was a failure as a mom.  ...more

Little Helper Boys Feed a Homeless Man.

I could not be prouder of my boys, than I am today. They made me teary eyed. I was shocked by their response, and need to help this man. We had driven by a Taco Bell, where a young man sat on a corner.Gabe yells at me. “Mom, aren’t you going to stop and give him a bottle of water?”“Sure, love, let’s get our order first, and on our way out, we’ll give him that bottle of water.” I replied....more

If My Son Makes a Friend Will He Do Better in School?

Earlier this week I stumbled across an education blog that suggested boys who struggle in school lack close friendships. Developmental psychologist Niobe Way proposed that boys experience a "crisis of connection" caused in part by societal messages that close friendships are for girls only, and that the boys who seek them are sissies. The blog went on to link young males' crises in connection to academic failure, substance abuse, gang participation and general emotional malaise. None of this struck me as particularly thought-provoking -- until I read Way's assertion that seating a boy next to his best friend in the classroom could improve his school performance....more

I think we all need to know we're not alone. Thanks for ...more

These Moments Are What I Love about Being a Mom

Cheryl D.Little Bit Quirky...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen  Archer watched Rory study the ceiling fan slowly turning over the bed.  “It’s spinning backwards,” he said. “Sucking the cool air up not down. No wonder you need a fan. I can switch the direction for you.” “That’d be great,” Archer said....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Eight

 Chapter Eight Archer had made the drive to Bangor General many times. She remembered at least seven. Four to the emergency room—three lawn mower related accidents, one a sledding mishap. Rory was lucky to have all of his fingers. Plus three trips to the psychiatric wing. The first time, he was eight years old. The last, he was twelve. As she drove, she tried Wayne’s cell.  No answer. She wondered if he had forgotten to charge his phone again....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Two

 Chapter Two At her office, Archer leaned back in her chair and thought about that morning. Rory had insisted on going to school.  He hadn’t wanted to miss the first day.  She had felt anxious.  She wanted to excuse him from school so she could watch him “eyes on”, as the experts said.  He probably would be fine.  He had made his own lunch, searched for the specific black t-shirt he wanted to wear and left on his bicycle for school in a good mood....more