From Pillar to Post

I'm hopeful that at some point I'll be able to write a blog post where things are progessing but it won't be this one. I'm really getting the run around and getting pretty fed up with it. I got a letter from Paediatrics telling me that Nipper had an appointment. Great, it must be the language assessment. However, the letter wasn't clear and the appointment wasn't until December - rather a long time to wait for an assessment. So I rang up to check it out and ask how come we had to wait so long (7 months from when we saw the Paediatrician). ...more


Parents should be open to the fact that bullying does exist and that their child might be a target, a bully, a bystander or a combination of the three. Since bullying takes on all forms and attacks all kinds, parents should keep communication open and watch for the signs that might indicate that their child could be a target or a bully or both....more

Sometimes Its Not About Autism, Sometimes People Are Just Asshats

The question becomes how do our children truly fit into the picture of American society and what does the future hold for them? We can look objectively at the way society on an individual basis interacts with our children. We can pinpoint at anytime the odd, asshat who is mean and cruel to our children. But do we allow it to overshadow the mostly good that we encounter in our world?...more

From Few Words to One Kvetchy Kid

I remember when collegeman was little and I had decided to return to work. The only problem was that I had wanted him to talk to me about his day before I would apply for a job. While I knew that most nannies are good people and take their jobs of care seriously there is always that one individual who gives you nightmares. And yes they did play it up on the news but, why take a chance. Why have to put in nanny cams and security programs so you can go and earn a few extra dollars? The truth is that the sojourn into the world of work did not happen, because collegeman did not talk....more

Wisdom Teeth: Anxiety and Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is a very interesting phenomenon that happens to most young adults. When I was growing up it was a several day affair in the hospital. Today they take themselves to the oral surgeon. Sit themselves in a dentist’s chair and 40 minutes later out the teeth come. It is a relatively minor occurrence in today’s world. What a difference thirty years makes. But then again since everything else has progressed why shouldn’t this type of surgery have progressed as well? I know I learned that reality when collegeman had had his appendix out....more

Time-Out Strategies

Yesterday, I was chatting in the hall at school with a mom (of kid with autism) about discipline and guess what? She admitted that she only disciplines her typically developing children, not her child with autism. Since this was the third conversation about disciplining kids on the spectrum in the last three days, I thought this would be a good place to discuss the ins and outs of discipline strategies....more

Parenthood (the TV show), Is it Good or Bad for the Autism Community?

I love to junk-out on TV.  That doesn't mean I actually get to watch mainly due to the fact we don't own a television.  Like many other families with kids on the spectrum, we gave away our T.V. after we caught two year old, Tristan watching static.  I guess now not owning a tube doesn't stop you from watching shows online which I do a few times a week, but I do find myself having to schedule and prioritize.  ...more

Meet the Vermont Team that Won Autism Insurance Mandates

The Vermont dynamic duo of autism reform legislation brought different perspectives that launched Vermont into the group of states that mandate private insurance companies (along with Vermont Medicaid) to pay for autism services....more

Thanks for reading... looking for information about parenting a child on the autism spectrum, ...more

Three year evaluation... we just survived!

According to federal special education law IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) every child in special education needs to be re-evaluation at least every three years to determine eligibility for meeting the criteria for specialized education services (Special Education).  Each state has slightly different special education laws that adhere to the federal law.  I have to admit that I was nervous going into the final eligibility meeting because Tristan has made incredible gains academically. ...more