Astrology of the Courtesan- January 2015 ( French)

Astrologie pour la jeune fille sur la route qui aime un toucher de l’amour, d’épices et magie dans ses horoscopes. Aries- (Mars 21- 19 Avril)Oh mon cher Bélier, vous avez jeté vos souhaits et désirs et de l’univers entendu dire que vous copine. Le changement est à la hausse pour vous, alors cliquez sur vos talons et êtes prêt à bouger votre magie. Maintenant attention, il ya quelqu’un qui va essayer de retenir votre bonheur. Tenez fille forte. Continuez à grimper cette montagne parce que rien ne peut garder une bonne femme vers le bas....more

Astrology of the Courtesan- January 2015

Astrology of the Courtesan- January 2015 Astrology for the girl on the go who loves a touch of love, spice, and magick in her horoscopes. Channeled with lenormand, love, and light.            ...more

Wine News RoundUp: Prices Going Up, Sustainibility & More

I curated some great information and fun reads about wine from this week.  Check it out. Cheers! Oh cheap wine, no you didn't!Let's be honest.. we have all bought a wine because it was cheap. Sometimes the wine that is on sell is not what you think. Peep this great wine article on Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette to get the low down on wine prices and tips to selecting wine that is cheap....more

Zodiac Power Colors and Gemstones

Just about everyone knows their Astrology Sun Sign based upon their date of birth. But there are also certain gemstones and colors that express each sign. (The gems listed next to the Sun Sign may vary from the traditional “Birth Month” stone) ...more

A Full Moon, Marianne Williamson and the Politics of Change

I missed my blog last week - it was one of those weeks, you know what I mean?  We all have them. We question where we are and if this is the right path. Let me take you back a few steps to explain. I recently got back into radio/tv as a host. Prior to this, I was working as a producer and director for years (indie films and reality TV) which contrary to popular belief is NOT that glamorous or financialy rewarding). Getting back to where my natural gifts shine (as an on-air talent, reporter, news anchor, television and radio host) at my age scared the shit out of me....more

The Full Moon, Food and Spirituality and You

Each week I do a radio/webcast show, right now they are split up, one on Astrology, the other on Food. When I was pitching this idea to my partner she immediately jumped on board, she brought her immense talents, enthusiasm and expertise and launched the programs alongside and continues on as Executive Producer.  What she immediately knew was this - this show - about two seemingly very different subjects was exactly the road that I should travel, and that road, we will pave together....more

Understanding Life Through Astrology.

As a constantly changing entrepeneur, I am putting it all together in one blog. I have been an astrologer for 30 years, a writer and artist.  Please join me on my blog:  Would love your opinion.  Glad to be here with you all....more

How will be the month of April for you? ...more

Anger Management, Spiritually ...more

Give Your Guy Something to do in the Labour Ward

Men in the labour ward are commonplace today. No so in days gone by.Your guy is expected to be there and women support this move.But what can men do?Rub your backDab you lips with a spongeGet coffee?Video the main event?Chat with the nursesOne thing that may be of interest is that they get the birth time....more