basil regrets

I am filled with regret. Not the amount of regret you might have from getting drunk and waking up with a face tattoo. Not quite that much. But still more than the amount of regret you'd have from eating Doritos at bedtime and forgetting to brush your teeth afterwards. Have you ever woken up in the morning with all-night Dorito breath? Regrettable.Today my regret is somewhere in the middle there, and it has to do with not growing enough basil this year....more


A new day of a new month - June.  The morning was overcast and cool.  It was not inviting.  I did not bounce out of bed with glee.  I lingered in the warmth of my bed, hesitating like a shy bride, putting off the inevitable.The inevitable came, of course.  I had to face the music.  I thought it best that I be a sport and do it with gusto.  Life deserved to be treated with respect.  I grabbed Sheba and headed out for an early morning trot....more

When Feeling Sick Becomes The New Norm

For the last few years it’s been one health challenge after another, from chronic sinus problems and a bevy of flu’s, to finding a large (benign and harmless) arachnoid cyst in my brain at the left frontal lobe. Feeling as if I’m juggling one symptom or another and drenching myself in the latest ‘miracle cures’, I have grown weary from the effort required to feel well, and instead have surrendered to the dictates of the symptom(s) de jour....more

A Different Perspective - shifting my attitude

I woke up this morning, and it was difficult to do.  I was pretty much just “not in the mood to get up.”  I concocted a bunch of reasons not to drag myself out of bed until 8:04 am….. trust me, that made getting to work at 8:25 tricky.  I made it, but barely.  I had gotten up at 7:30 to let the dog out (and that would have been plenty of time), but I found this…....more

'Tis The Season To Give Thanks

November 1st.  Halloween is behind us (although I have heard many towns and neighborhoods all across the country rescheduled for tonight, due to inclement weather) but for our intents and purposes, today is officially the beginning of the THANKSGIVING season....more

Good Morning, Attitude

My name is Hannah. I'm 25 (just shy of 26), a college graduate, full time employeed in a managerial type job, happy boyfriend of almost 2 years... and a victim of life. Yes, I said it, I'm a victim of life. Or that's what I have been thinking for the past 3 or so years. It really hurts to say that. I'm the girl that bemoans the fact that I've gained 15 pounds while eating a candy bar, the girl that cries when her boyfriend isn't perfect (even though he is!!!), I'm the girl that hates my job while not doing anything to change it....more

It’s All About Perspective

(Note: This post was written by Dawn Storey and originally published in Windsor Square on February 14, 2012.) The more people I meet in Windsor, the more tweets I read with a hashtag of #windsor or #yqg, the more comments I see on internet articles or Facebook posts about Windsor, the more I get to know the perspective and attitude of Windsorites in general. To tell you the truth, it's a bit discouraging at times. ...more

4 Tips for Creating An Attitude of Gratitude

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."- The Little PrinceLife is for learning: how often have you heard this or a similar sentiment, doing your best to suss out what that means, or filing it away entirely?...more

Don't be afraid to choose you!!

In the past few years most peoples lives have taken drastic turns, some for the better and many for the worst. Unfortunately for most this turn of events have left many desperate, depressed and discouraged without any hope or vision for tomorrow.So, what do you do when you have reached this breaking point? You have to make up your mind that you want to do and are determined to do better. Your situation will never change until you make a conscious decision about your desire for change. Then and only then will you be allowed to use your ability and energy to do so....more

How Being Negative Can Crush Your Career

No one likes to be with you when you're negative. If you're a manager, people will hate to work for you (but never tell you why). I can tell you that I used to have a negative streak about me. Not on purpose, my mind simply worked from seeing the negative and then working toward the solution. Unfortunately I verbalized my thought process and thus people thought I was pessimistic. I'm grateful to the person who pointed it out to me because I was able to shift that career crushing trait. This post from Alexis at 21st Century Gal is a great look at the dark side of negativity in the workplace. ...more
No. Negative people suck. lolmore