Austin Food Blogger's Alliance

I have some exciting news! As of last week, I am a new member of the Austin Food Blogger's Alliance and I couldn't be more excited! They accepted my application and I am already amazed with the opportunities it has presented. Coming up, there is a Google+ workshop and a welcome dinner— I can't wait to learn more and also meet some of the members....more

BlogHer Food '13: Behind the Scenes as We Plan for Austin

BlogHer Food '13 is still eight months away, but the BlogHer Events Team is already hard at work, planning for our best BlogHer Food event yet! The newest member of our team, Melinna, and I were on the road last week in Austin, visiting our host hotel, and focusing on preparations for our off-site excursion and closing party.One of the great parts about working in events is the chance to get out of the office. And in the case of BlogHer Food, that means exploring the food culture of Austin....more
@ForkYourselves  @blogher Thank you!  Great advice!  ~~ lorimore

More Austin Vegan Eats

Since Austin has so many great places to find healthy, vegan, gluten free and other tasty special diet eats, I thought I'd come back for round 2! Such a great Texas city that combines the hip and cool with great southern charm, check out some other fantastic places to visit when in Austin!...more

Healthy and Vegan Austin Eats

I left my heart in Austin, Texas! I know the song says San Francisco but Austin is a great American city that is not only the progressive, college and music town state capital, it’s also super health conscious, green and mega vegan friendly. A Texas city like no other, Austin is home to the headquarters and first Whole Foods Market, The University of Texas Longhorns, IBM, Google, Facebook and Apple as well as being the live music capital of the world....more

This Show Takes the Biscuit: “The Biscuit Brothers”

TV Shows We Love: The Biscuit Brothers by Jan Hames ...more

SXSW: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Many of you may wonder what kind of horrible disease I must have caught that caused me to take a 2-day hiatus from blogging. After all, what do I even have to do other than write commentary on desserts and breast size?Well, this week has been particularly busy. Droves of tech nerds, musicians, and hipsters have invaded my fine city to take part in the epic adventure that is SXSW. And I am in people-watching heaven.Here is a brief summary of my adventures thus far:The Good...more

What You're Missing at South by Southwest (SXSW)

Last year I went to South by Southwest (SXSW), a huge music festival in Austin.  It’s grown to include a technology conference, film festival, and basically anything that can be prefaced with SXSW and attract hipsters: SXSWedu, SXSW Eco, SXSW Elderberry Liquor Tasting, and SXSW Big Lebowski Clothing Expo.  Official disclaimer: I made up the last two....more

When You Finish Your Fifth Half Marathon You Get A Medal AND An Engagement Ring

I registered for the Austin Half Marathon months ago with the intention of rocking the course.  I had just completed the Rock n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon while working through an injury.  I felt so proud of just finishing when my body was so out of wack that I set my sights high.  I ended up being sick quite a bit in the time between the end of October and February 19th 2012....more
What a beautiful finish to your race!  Congrats!!!   If your looking for more half marathons to ...more

The Devil's Brother Went Down to Texas

Traditional Shrimp Fra Diavolo is a garlicky, slightly spicy Italian-American dish made with shrimp and served over pasta. “Fra Diavolo” literally translates to “brother devil” from Italian. Our version of this dish is made with sweet Gulf shrimp and has an extra kick of heat....more
Excuse me while I run to get a rag to wipe the drool off my keyboard. LOL! This looks ...more

It's Hot!!

99% of the time I love living in Austin.  This summer is that one percent that is just miserable.  The average number of days over 100 degrees in Austin is 13.  This summer?  We are already over 40 days and triple digits are predicted for the next 14 days. ...more
Still no rain!!! I seriously think rain is just a figment of my imagination!more