Summer Cantaloupe One hundred degree temperatures seem to be the norm around here and despite our little blue planet's insistence on hurling itself sunward, my meager garden continues to do well, producing a melon here, a cuke there and of course, an abundance of basil. I'm not hauling bushels of produce out of the yard by any means, but the fact that it is producing anything at all in this heat, well kudos to you N-P-K, photosynthesis and water for working together. And yes, you dastardly and fiery orb, you too....more

First U.S. No-Packaging Grocery to Open in 2011

This month, The Brothers Lane will announce the Austin location of the first in.gredients store, which will offer no-packaging grocery shopping. The store, which is expected to open sometime in October, will let customers fill their own reusable containers with everything and anything found in a normal grocery store: local and organic products ranging from dry bulk goods and dairy to wine and beer and household cleaners. ...more
I recently saw some pieces on shows like CNN and the journal with Joan Lunden on PBS that were ...more


Holy Batman!  I've seen an odd number of bats flying around my street, and the other day, after walking the dogs, my husband showed me a picture he took with his phone of bats emerging from underneath a nearby bridge.  I couldn't believe there was a bat bridge so close, and based on the photo he took, there were a lot!  Yesterday evening, we went to get a closer look and hauled the camera and digital video recorder along. ...more

A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions - Aroma Cucina

A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions - Aroma Cucina A blushing companion you can bring to any meal that is certain to your attention? Read on....more

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina Culinary star power and community power all rolled into one.  The IACP convention was a hit! Next year in NYC!...more

Rastafar-Asian Fusion Confusion: Aroma Cucina

Rastafar-Asian Fusion Confusion: Aroma Cucina A mix of culinary cultures? Why not? Here's our pork chop Asian style inspired by the fusion confusion master chef Duc Tran. Perfecto!...more

Memorial Day: It's A Wrap! - Aroma Cucina

Memorial Day: It's A Wrap! - Aroma Cucina The video production portion of our next cookVook is done. Now it's the post production push.  Editing, proofreading, still photography, yadda, yadda, yadda...Mamma Mia it never ends! I head back to Italia oggi, and Jude to TX domani.  We'll reconnect in about 10 days. Stay tuned for Jude's adventures at the IACP convention. And, thanks again, to all our troops! ...more

P.S. Networking Affair

So last night I attended my first networking event as a blogger.  Didn't know what to expect or how they are supposed to work so what you'll get are my honest opinions and impressions of the evening.First, the venue.  The Paramount and State Theaters in Austin are absolute treasures.  They are beautiful theaters and something that should absolutely not be missed if you are in Austin....more

Understated Elegance: Limbo Jewelry Proves Simple is Beautiful

I'm one of those women who like big, obnoxious, blingy jewelry. The bigger, the better! Yet when I wear or shop Limbo Jewelry, I tend to change my mind. Limbo Jewelry is classic, yet modern, and undeniably stylish. The owner and designer, Edson Enriquez, has been creating handmade jewelry for about six years and has established quite a following....more