Never-Empty Nest

A few weeks ago my youngest sister moved out of our parent’s home to begin her journey to adulthood and independence.  My Mom is finally an empty-nester.  She has had children at home for the past 32 years.  32 years.  She obviously was a tad excited as she spared no time changing my sister’s bedroom into her new craft room.  But I know she felt sad and a bit lost as well.  She wasn’t sure what to do with herself without actively playing the role of Mom all the time.I can only imagine how tricky that transition must be....more

Anemia during pregnancy linked to autism

The University of California-Davis MIND Institute has linked a lack of iron during pregnancy to a higher risk of autism for the baby. The study followed women and their babies for 7 years, beginning in pregnancy, and recorded the mothers' intake of vitamins, nutritional supplements and breakfast cereals while pregnancy or breastfeeding.So how big is the correlation between maternal anemia and autism risk?...more

Triennial IEP, aka Alphabet Soup Time

Treating infants with autism may prevent further symptoms

It's a pretty big claim, but one that Infant Start developer Sally J. Rogers stands by.The theory was that the sooner therapy begins, the better the chances of preventing the full onset of symptoms. In this case, the therapy/treatment is provided at home and focuses on interactions between the parent and child during everday routines. ...more

The Protector

I was riding the ferry with my younger brother, on our way to see our Mom who lived on an island.  A boy, one with a reputation of being a tough-guy bully kept poking fun at my brother.I was a shy, little thing.  I never spoke to anyone unless they spoke to me first.  I was meek and anxious.  I sat there, pretending I didn’t hear the bully’s words....more

Ten Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my birthday.It was a wonderful day being thoroughly surprised by my husband, cupcakes at work, and lots of hugs from my amazing boys....more

This is OUR Autism

If you meet one child with autism, you have met one child with autism.This is our autism.It’s the sweet morning cuddles every single morning- be it 7 AM or on a full moon- 4AM....more

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

I sat here early this morning drinking my coffee and watching the news and this came on.  I nearly threw up.  Being the mother of a special needs child, I have had nightmares almost all of her life about her ending up in a place that would abuse her.  Is it likely?  Not if I have any say in it, but it happens so often to others.  There are other methods to control dangerous behaviors and I can’t even for a second imagine a situation where a child would have to be restrained face down for 7 hours and shocked 31 times....more

What I Learned At AAC Camp


It's Time for a Frank Discussion on Vaccinating: Don't Be a Jerk

At the same time that Jenny McCarthy is learning that people are attracted to people who vaccinate their children, Kristin Cavallari is being hailed as the next Jenny McCarthy for her public statements on how vaccines cause autism. Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth—where opinions never turn into facts, no matter how fervently we believe, no matter how personal the loss or the triumph—the growing number of parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children is in part responsible for a resurgence in diseases long laid almost to rest. ...more
Just thought I'd post this link here considering that our concerns about vaccines aren't ...more