Ignorance and Self Control

I was in Walmart about a year ago with all four of my children. We had finished our shopping and were now waiting at checkout. My youngest was having a really hard time and was stimming, this is a repetitive behavior that he does to calm himself down. Well, he started spinning and was flapping his hands and I happened to be on the phone with a very supporting mom who also has a son on the Autistic Spectrum. We were talking about how aware we have to be with our children as they don't sense danger....more

The Keeper: A Tale of Late-Childhood Asperger's Diagnosis

"I ... uh ...," I groped for words. "I guess I am a little offended?" It came out as a question. I tried again. "You just spent less than an hour with him. His testing last year didn't say anything about that. He's extremely verbal. He's extremely social. He's never had an issue with eye contact. He has tons of friends and plays well with others. He's incredibly compassionate, always the first one to run over and ask if you're hurt or get upset if someone else is upset." The doctor was still just looking at me, waiting for me to run out of steam. "He's very social," I repeated. "Aren't people with autism ... you know ... not?" ...more
Thank you for such a wonderful article.  I can empathize with you as a mother of strange, quirky ...more