Top 10 Favorite Avon Lipsticks

  Hello My Lovelies!...more

Avon Far Away Gold (2014) {New Fragrance}

Avon are introducing a 20th anniversary edition of Far Away (1994) with Far Away Gold for Valentine's Day 2014...Read more at

Fundraising Effort for Diana of Hormonal Imbalances, AKA LifeasaSAHM

I love my Twitter community, and when a part of that community needs something I always want to help if possible. I follow  LifeasaSAHM and when she tweeted that she was losing her twin pregnancy 18.5 weeks in, my heart sank. I couldn't stop thinking about her and all but stalked her Twitter feed. The doctors wanted her to give up, induce the pregnancy, and lose the babies for sure. She has decided to fight for their lives. ...more

Avon Calling

When I was a little girl, my mom was an Avon lady. I remember being fascinated by her gigantic sample box. We had these sturdy Avon boxes everywhere, and my sister and I used to make things from them. Avon was my mom's little bit of freedom and security when she was a single mom. A way for her to make a little extra money, but also her own business....more

Makeup Artist Tip - First Signs of Aging

I think I may be in denial about how old I look. When I'm at the store purchasing a bottle of wine and I don't get carded, I think "Wow. You're just going to let this incredibly underage looking person pass on through?? It's your ass, lady." Then a few things snapped me back into reality:  Louis informed me that I needed a time machine in order to look like my business card picture again. (Jerk) A bagger at Kroger called me ma'am.(Jerk) I discovered I'm 13 years older than my adult cousin's girlfriend. (How is that possible when I'm only 21?) ...more

Feeding the troops - Day 81 of ONE GOOD DEED

 I felt guilty because I wasn’t walking. My friend Melissa came to town with a gaggle of women from work, all the way from Minnesota, to participate in the two day, 39-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I had other obligations, work stuff, so I couldn’t have done the walk anyway (I told myself). But still I felt bad....more

Join BlogHer and the Army of Women to Fight Breast Cancer: Sign Up to Blog on October 1

One in eight women will get breast cancer. But you know that, right? You walk in the fund-raising walks, you do your self-exams, and you worry about your friends who find a lump or start treatment at an early age. October floods the shelves with cutesy pink ribbons, yogurt lids, and vacuums, and you roll your eyes in private at all the attention given to breast cancer awareness. You're AWARE already, and lament that with all the attention and funding given to breast cancer, there should be a cure by now. ...more

Done and done.

This one's for the ...more

Pet Peeve Friday with Giveaway...Big Brothers

Last week's drawing for the Pet Peeve Friday prize of Avon Oatmeal hand cream sample is Cindy Pfannenstiel. Cindy, keep an eye on the mail...This week's prize is a full-size Avon's Moisture Therapy Skin Bump Minimizer. Tell your friends. All comments to this blog post are entered for the drawing!Winner to be announced next Friday!***...more