Gift Reciprocity: On Receiving a Gift That Can Never Be Repayed

Mac's Auntie Tata has a hard time receiving gifts. Buy her a coffee and she won't be able to relax until she has returned the favor. You might even find her suggesting a second cup immediately following the first so that she can "repay her debt" and begin to relax. We laugh at her when she does this. But the truth is that the desire to reciprocate in gift giving is nearly universal. Sometimes we can find a way to return the gift immediately. The slate is wiped clean and we begin again....more
What a heart warming story of love.  I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.more

Give Yourself the Best Christmas Present Ever, Mom

Our first son arrived in the world just over one month before Christmas Eve. To say that I was still a little overwhelmed with being a mom for the first time when that Christmas rolled around is putting it very lightly. I would later be diagnosed with postpartum depression, but at that time, I thought I was just failing miserably. I didn't send Christmas cards. I didn't get gifts for all of the people who mattered to me. I didn't even have a large pile of presents for our little baby boy. I was so mad at myself that Christmas. I look back at that Christmas and just want to hug myself. ...more
I have a crazy toddler and I work weird hours - I definitely did not get any Christmas baking or ...more

9 Month old TWINS Swimming By themselves

Ok Milli's, we cover reality, and this is definitely a reality. 9 month old babies, who are usually learning to crawl or walk at 9 months are swimming on their back. I mean literally swimming!...more

Angel Wings

I sit at my computer deleting e-mails I won't have time to read today, including one from my Down syndrome support group with the subject heading "New Testing for DS."***...more

A Baby, A Beautiful Perspective

I traveled to an HIV and AIDS camp for girls in South Africa in 2006 as a volunteer Life Skills Specialist. My mission at the 10-day long camp was to empower the girls, aged 5 to 15, with the tools they'd need to make informed decisions about sex, drugs, and alcohol in an effort to help eradicate the HIV and AIDS epidemic plaguing their country....more

Post-Mortem on Nannying Glo-Worm

When I worked in an office, we used to have post-mortems – meetings and reports that described a past campaign gone by and helped us learn from the routes we chose and the mistakes we made. I’m a huge fan of post-mortems, which literally means “after death”, because I think it’s important to know where I’ve come from and where I’ve yet to go....more

November 3: Is that Cookie Monster peeking out of your diaper?

I was changing my granddaughter Coraline's diaper on the couch the other day. I took off her wet diaper, wrapped it up, and grabbed a clean one from her diaper bag. I started to put it on her, and that's when I noticed somebody peeking out of the top of it. Peeking out of the top of her little diaper. What the fuck? ...more

A Change Will Do You Good

Ugh, Monday, Monday, Monday. Boring days here at Glo-Worm’s house, because our regular Early Years Centre is closed on Mondays and up until today, there was really nothing to do but go to the library (which is good for maybe an hour). Today, however, I decided to make the trek a little further to another EYC in the area that we hadn’t been to before. I’m trying to get Glo-Worm to drop her morning nap, and I felt like it would be a better idea to just get out of the house so that she wouldn’t crawl towards the stairs, whining piteously for me to carry her up and put her to bed!...more

Baby Love

Our 4th baby has arrived 3 weeks early. We are so happy to meet her! Hope Marie, our little love bug. I can't believe how blessed I feel to have 2 boys and 2 girls. God is so good.  ...more

Babies and Church

A post about taking babies to church and what we're really learning when we do.