Weak head & neck control at 6 months = red flag for autism and other delays

Something as simple as a "pull-to-sit" task appears to be a good screening for early detection of autism spectrum disorders, language delays and/or social developmental delays. In a study of toddlers, 90% of those with ASD exhibited head lag (lack of head control when being pulled by the arms from lying flat to a sitting position) when they were babies; 54% meeting the criteria for social/communication delay exhibited head lag....more

No Regrets

 There was a time, not long before I met my husband, when I had developed a sort of acceptance that having a child might not be a part of my reality.  I was 37 years old, single, and quite enjoying where I was in my life....more

When you're sick, you need your Mamma

It’s amazing how a call from your child’s day care can change everything. So can one little word from your toddler....more

Our First Visit to the Dentist

I know that some pediatricians say 3 years old. I know some dentists do, too. But even more of both are now recommending that the first dentist visit happen at the first tooth, and no later than the first birthday. But more and more I read that starting good dental habits early pays off handsomely, and can even help catch things early that might impede speech.So with our pediatrician’s blessing, a few months ago I set off to find a dentist for Tiny. I found a promising practice and made an appointment for the week after his birthday. Although I had heard good things about John’s dentist, I still wasn’t prepared for the amazing amount of friendliness and helpfulness the staff exhibited upon our arrival.And the visit with the hygienist and with the dentist was helpful, too. It was nice to know that we’ve mostly been doing things right, and also nice to get some pointers on some things we should add to our repertoire....more

Advanced Maternal Age Project: We'd Like You to Share Your Story!

Advanced Maternal Age ProjectWisdom from First-Time Mothers Over Age 35 ...more

So Much Depends...

Ben in Basinette (C) Sarah Turner - All Rights Reserved  The Red WheelbarrowWilliam Carlos Williams ...more

You can lead a child to naptime but you can't make them sleep

On Sunday, my littlest one (now 16 months) woke up from a nice long nap, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I kissed his sweet cheeks, admired his new haircut (his first!) and thought about how amazing it is that this little guy has finally decided to start napping at home. But I admit, it took me breaking a few of my own rules in order to get this to happen…....more
 @edavis Yes, I admit I love sleeping next to him. Thanks for the comment and reassurance :)more

The S Word

Sleep has to be the biggest capital-I issue with babies and young children, don’t you think? I hardly know any parent who hasn’t dealt with sleep-related problems with their little ones. There are as many sleep problems under the sun as grains of sand, and as many solutions too....more

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Some people can function as a regular human being on no sleep.  Me, I crack.  I become someone that I really don’t like and usually end up as a big puddle on the floor.  Alright, that is being a little dramatic but I really don’t cope well.  So imagine my state when babies were introduced to my world, what am I thinking, I’m sure it doesn’t take a lot of imagining as you can all relate to what I’m saying.  ...more

The Floor, My Second Home