Swaddle That Child!

I was once told by a college professor that the pendulum swings back and forth concerning trends in education. I believe that to also be the case in regards to child rearing. Things that were common during my years of raising children now appear to be obsolete.   ...more

Love and Granddarlings

I currently have two beautiful boy granddarlings and they have been a joy to Darling husband and me since the moment we knew about them.  We have known for awhile that our next daughter was pregnant but she asked us to wait to tell everyone.  Now the word is out and we are, after a space of almost seven years, in the mode of being able to publicly discuss our giddy excitement. ...more

What Working at Home is REALLY Like

I always had this picture in my mind of what someone who stays home all day, for whatever reason, looks like. She's taller than me, with porcelain skin, dangling gold earrings, and poufy, overdone hair. She's wearing a fitted satin nightgown, leopard-print robe, and kitten-heeled slippers. She's wearing a cocktail ring and has some sort of Virginia Slim in her hand....more

Why Moms Are THE Coolest

I think if you could major in "Arts and Crafts" in college, that would have been my choice.  I know, I know, I should have become a Home Economics teacher or something, but I'm not that smart!  Plus, unfortunately, in today's economy, those positions are among the first to be cut.  But oh how I love arts and crafts....more

what i would do different...

  almost 6 months into this mom-dom,and i have already sat myself down to have a post mortem.  ...more

The Screamer

She is the dreaded, the feared. People shudder at the very mention of her. She's got a piercing shriek and an even fiercer bite. She strikes terror into the hearts of men.Around these parts, she is known as Señorita Discontente, Baby Banshee, The Brain Scrambler, and Screamy McScreamerson. She is my 6-month-old daughter, Maggie, the single most disruptive fifteen pounds of flesh I have ever encountered.And she's giving me a headache....more


Whew.Today. It's only 10am but I feel as if the day has been so long already. So much talking, and planning.Talk of prepping my body by weaning off of the medicine I've taken for anxiety, while working through things in therapy, so that I can feel comfortable making a baby in this tall silly body of mine....more

Pregnancy: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For those who aren't aware, I got pregnant in April of 2009 with my oldest son Matthew. He was born in January 2010.  I became pregnant again in June 2010, when Matthew was a hearty four-and-a-half months old. That pregnancy yielded our six-month old twins, Maggie and Michael.I was basically pregnant for two years, you know, minus the four-and-a-half months in between that I spent desperately trying to regain normal functioning....more

The Comfort Size

Size is everywhere.  Super size your meal for a twenty-nine cents at McDonald's.  Extra large and jumbo eggs in the grocery store (I never know the difference there).   We love to classify everything into a particular size.  Small, medium, and large are our neat containers, we pack everything in life into those three boxes.  Nothing can simply be.  Nothing is without classification.  ...more
@sassymonkey It really does make the difference! Do you go to Intimacy or another store? I hear ...more

Teachers Have Favorites. Do Kids?

Teachers have favorites.  We all know they do.  And to all the teachers' pets out there...you know who you are!  It's a simple fact of life.  Humans have preferences.  I know that I get along with some people better than others.  It's hard to work on getting along with someone when it is just that, work.  But to be a part of this society requires this from us.  ...more