Because I Said So

Routine changes, as I've said, are hard to deal with both for the toddlers and the adults involved.  Even the slightest change can cause a ripple effect that will last for weeks.When my mother in law visited us, not much changed.  We went out to eat a bit more.  The babies had more attention.  There was an extra person with us.  That's about it.  They still napped at the same time, ate at the same time, went to bed at the same time.  They were still allowed the same things, and not allowed other things.Still, as they learn that not all thin...more

Puzzling Perceptions

 At two years old, my babies have perception confusion.  This makes sense.  When we Skype with my mother or with their uncle, for instance, they want to give them things, hug them, kiss them and touch them.  They see the image of a real person on the screen, therefore, that person is here.  This, logically, extends to regular phone conversations.  When I'm talking to my mom on the phone, and they can hear her but not see her, they run to the door and demand that she come in.  They can hear her, so obviously she must be here....more

...and the fact that you are open enough to learn such lessons from your children bodes well for ...more

Toddler Tricks - 14

Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  Your toddler is insane.  She's literally nuts.  She wants a cookie.  No!  Not that cookie!  That one over there.  No!  She wants to pick it out herself.  No!  Not off the counter.  From the package.  Actually, she doesn't want a cookie.  She wants a video.  No!  Not Sesame St., not Dora.  Blue's Clues.  No!  Not Blue's Clues, Thomas the Train.  Actually, she doesn't want a video, she wants a CD.  She wants to sing.  Wait!  Why did you shut t...more

Nurse In Rocks Out

  Joella Jarosh nurses Delilah....more

SIDS + Other things that terrified me as a new mom.

These are the things that terrify me on a daily basis:1. Dropping him.2. SIDS.3. Autism....more


"No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye.  No bye bye."I remember the days when I yearned for them to start to talk.  I wanted so badly to understand them, as they intrinsically understood me."No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go.  No go...more

Family Visit Anxiety

Are the carpets clean enough?  Does that candle smell fresh enough?  Why is the kitchen dirty again? I swear I just cleaned it.  Is that table sticky?  I just washed it.  I need to wash the countertops, and the cabinets, and the floor, and I never noticed the splashes of sauce in the microwave.  Should I clean out the fridge?  What are the chances she'll go into the fridge?  Fairly large, I'd say.  I'd better at least wipe it down....more

Parenting Online - Part 2

 While there are dozens of articles and resources you can google on the internet to find out more information on any parenting topic you're interested in - or be validated in any decision you've made - sometimes, you come across a specific situation where anecdotes and stories of others who have already gone through it will help you.  Reading walls of clinical texts can be boring and time consuming, so many parents prefer to go right to the source and ask their questions to other parents....more

Toddler Tricks - 13

Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  There are crucial times in babies' growth cycles when they seem to be fitting in the diapers you've always used, but they start overflowing them at night.  Each morning, or sometimes even in the middle of the night, you're greeted with cries of distress and discomfort instead of smiles and hellos.Solution:  Go the next diaper size up.**  Even if you think they will be way too big, they're usually not, and they have the extra padding and space to absorb more.  Some people try putting the same sized diapers or the bigg...more

Go with the Flow

A while back I posted about how hard it is for toddlers to deal with a change in their routine.  While adults may not get scared when their routine changes without their permission, they can get irritated.  Yet another way in which adults are not so different from toddlers after all.We used to have a system in this house.  We'd wake up at 8 a.m., I'd give the babies a glass of milk and some dry cereal to munch on while I made breakfast, we'd eat breakfast, my husband would go to work.  This s...more