Toddler Tricks - 13

Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  There are crucial times in babies' growth cycles when they seem to be fitting in the diapers you've always used, but they start overflowing them at night.  Each morning, or sometimes even in the middle of the night, you're greeted with cries of distress and discomfort instead of smiles and hellos.Solution:  Go the next diaper size up.**  Even if you think they will be way too big, they're usually not, and they have the extra padding and space to absorb more.  Some people try putting the same sized diapers or the bigg...more

Go with the Flow

A while back I posted about how hard it is for toddlers to deal with a change in their routine.  While adults may not get scared when their routine changes without their permission, they can get irritated.  Yet another way in which adults are not so different from toddlers after all.We used to have a system in this house.  We'd wake up at 8 a.m., I'd give the babies a glass of milk and some dry cereal to munch on while I made breakfast, we'd eat breakfast, my husband would go to work.  This s...more

It Is What It Is

Very few parents are exempt from the terrible twos.  Whether the stage manifests in tantrums, or tears, or sneakiness, or general malaise, it tends to haunt parents of toddlers wherever they go.  For the most part, babies are well behaved, but one never knows when a bad moment will strike.  If it happens to be in front of people, all you can do is brave the embarrassment with a smile and know that given enough time, everything evens out.When I first met my friend, she stopped by with her adorable 14-...more

Say Bye Bye!

One of the things I've learned since having twins is that they are not nearly as rare an occurrence as I thought they were.  It seems everybody is a twin, has twins, knows a twin or knows someone who has twins.  They all want to talk to me about it, too.Everywhere we go, we are stopped.  Twins, apparently, remain a novelty forever.  These conversations don't usually go smoothly.  I don't mind stopping and talking, but when I'm out with my toddlers, time is of the essence.  The babies have to be amused, and mommy talking ...more

BloggersUntite to Fight for Preemies   ...more

Targeting Target

The babies and I just got back from a "shopping spree" in which I bought them shoes, slippers, nighties, socks and jackets.  Gone are the days of meandering through boutique after boutique looking for purses, perusing the dress selection and impulse-buying that adorable centerpiece.  When you're shopping with toddlers, you've got one shot, and you had better make it count.  We chose Target. ...more

If Then What

A calm has been ushered into this house since Halloween passed last week.  A calm strong enough to overcome the wacky sugar highs my children can get off of one piece of fun-sized candy.  A calm so soothing, I feel as if the past year of non-sensical toddler tyranny has been leading up to this reward and has been worth it.It is the calm of bribery.At 27 months, my children are finally able to understand a core concept of life: If you do this thing, then you can have that thing.This takes on many variations throughout the day, and my children are patient eno...more

The Impetus for my Blog, "Middle Ground: Where Sages Dwell"

I started writing my blog this spring because of the many individuals who struggle in their life, in their relationships, and living in their body.  I began my blog at   but I'm in the process of shifting over to a new blog home at   Both sites are functional at this time, but over time, I'll shift over to the wordpress address which will allow me to offer downloads to my relaxation CD.  Our pre- and perinatal woundings that occurred so early on in our existence have huge impacts for ...more

Moment of the Week - 12

Mom!  I'm on the phone, gosh!...more

The Way We Live

We live in the way in which we were born.  The experiences that we encounter while inutero have huge impacts concerning the ways in which we will live out our lives.  Imprints are created early on in our existence that will set the stage for our experiences in life.  As a prenate, our defense system is quite primitive and we are unable to defend ourselves from all that we experience inutero, as we manuever very difficult developmental agendas.  Core wounds occur during the time of our inutero experience and during the days around our birth.  These core wounds are ch...more

Jules Steffen, LMHC