Baby Knows Best

I'm one of those mean mothers who doesn't give her kids candy or chocolate or ice cream or chocolate milk.  My husband laughs at me over this all the time.  I'm not against these things in principle.  Really, it's just that I'd prefer the babies eat something good for them than not, and I'd rather them not even know about the sweet junkie stuff.  They can't ask for what they don't know about, right?Sometimes, though, on special occasions, the twins do get a treat.  The last dinner we had with Nana and Pop-pop at the beach was one of those time...more

A Restful Vacation

No vacation is restful if you're taking toddlers with you.  You have to be keeping an eye on them, and more than that - keeping a hand, an arm, an entire body on them - at all times.  In new surroundings, toddlers can go wild, exploring each new treasure, wandering farther and farther off.  Running as fast as they can, just because they can.  Until they fall, that is.  Or in our case, until they get knocked over by a wave.  It gets so that a classic relaxing beach vacation is more harrowing and more stressful than just staying at home would have been. ...more

Every Birth is Beautiful

Today, I have the honor of being the guest blogger for New Mommy Oasis.I talk about birth stories - beautiful and calm, or terrifying and humiliating.  Go ahead over and take a look.Giving birth is one of the most profound experiences a person can ever go through or witness. Whether it’s at home or in a hospital, completely natural or medicated, vaginal or cesarian – or, in my case, as part of a rushed clinical operation full of white masks and green walls – it is still yours, and it is still beautiful....more

Routine Change

Toddlers thrive on routine.  It gives them confidence; it allows them a sense of power over their unknown lives.  If they know what is coming up next, and they can predict it, they feel as if it is something they have decided for themselves.  That sense of independent decision making, while false, is excellent not only for their self esteem, but for tantrumless days for the caretaker. When routine is broken, as it sometimes must be, you can expect your toddler to rail against the unfairness of life, not out of spite or anger, but more out of fear.  Suddenly, ...more

Moment of the Week - 9

A concert crescendo powerful enough to knock babies down!...more

Toddler Tricks - 9

 Ways to Trick your Baby:Problem:  Your baby likes to get up with the sun!  She's happy to start a new day as soon as possible.  She didn't stay up all night writing blogs and cleaning, no!  She's well rested and ready to go at the crack of dawn.  But you may not be.  She's also hungry.  It's been a long ten hours, and she's ready for breakfast.Solution:  Leave some strategically-placed unbreakable bowls of cereal out for them, so that they can find and reach them in the morning for a pre-breakfast snack....more

A Day

 Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day - an incredibly hard and painful day for millions.  The loss of a little one, born or unborn, is something I hope never to experience.  Having never experienced it, I feel I have no right to write about it.  I will not speculate about how those women feel, where their babies are, what they look like.  I will not tell those women that everything will be okay.  I will not give them an acceptable way to mourn or tell them the way they are mourning is unacceptable.  This is a p...more

Controversy Wednesday: STAY-AT-HOME VS. WORKING MOMS

The following is re-posted from my blog Hmmm, this would be an interesting Celebrity Death Match, wouldn’t it?  The mom wearing the rumpled pantsuit and pearls swings her Blackberry into the face of the mom wearing stretchy black yoga pants and Nikes.  Stay-At-Home Mom deflec...more
Thanks for writing this! I am hoping to be able to stay home with my children once I start to ...more

Get Rid of It

I have a hard time believing my children are growing up.  They're starting to speak now, and every time I'm shocked because I feel like I should still be burping them and putting them down for two naps.  They're pulling off expertly choreographed twirls, and I'm worried I should still be holding their hands up the stairs.  And where did their newborn onesies go? Time flies.As kids grow, they grow out of things.  Objects that were once a part of everyday life soon become obsolete items, crowding your house - an odd sort of decoration.  But I do...more