The Art of Leaving

Timing is everything.  It's always a challenge leaving a fun place with toddlers, but you can't let that keep you from taking them places (although I'd like to just stay home using that as an excuse).  One of the ways to successfully leave is to follow your toddlers' lead.  This requires a lot of time and flexibility, but sometimes it can be pulled off flawlessly.First, you have to wait until your children just barely start to get bored.  When the pauses between activities become just a little longer than they were, start subtley packing up.  If your kids ar...more

Passing Storms

In addition to a complete lack of logic and an utterly misplaced sense of priority, toddlers also have the willpower of one with nothing to lose.  Because they don't yet know they have anything to lose.This startling combination can bring any adult at any time to his knees, begging for mercy.  Putting the three together is a recipe for madness.  To give in to this, which we must all do from time to time, means sliding down a staircase step by step while holding your toddler's hand, but only if they are three inches ahead of you because otherwise it's all for naught an...more

Any Routine Will Do

Routine is important for toddlers.  They need structure in their lives as they struggle to understand the subtleties of getting through each day as a human being.  You can make a routine for everything, and many times, inadvertantly, parents create routines for their children, and those routines become habit.  In this house, we wake up.  The babies have some cereal, then I make them some milk.  They watch a bit of television, then we go outside.  Before we know it, it's nap time.  We grab Bear and Blankie and head to the nursery for s...more

Drawing Diary: Changing the Filter

When I walked to the park the other day, here's what caught my attention in this scene, in order of appearance: ...more

One aspect I really enjoy about sharing these drawings -- even if it feels like I'm ...more

Moment of the Week - 8

Maybe this is a twin thing... games around here usually devolve into a shouting match of MINE!...more

Toddler Tricks - 8

Ways to trick your baby:Problem:  You have too many toys.  Your mother in law gets you stuff, you have hand-me-downs from friends or family, you've bought a few things and, of course, over the holidays you collect baby knick knacks given with love.  Your kid, though, is only interested in about five things at a time.  The rest clutter your space, for, apparently, no reason.Solution:  Keep toys your kids have seemed to lose interest in inside a closet or storage space.  On days when they are particularly cranky, go into the "special closet" and g...more

Problem Solvers

As I write this, I see two sets of big brown eyes staring at me intently."No, mama.  No.  Go.  Go....more

A Real Friend

Do you have a real friend?  A friend close by with a kid close in age that you can call or visit with or without baby in tow?  They're hard to come by, and even harder to keep, but it's worth it to try.When I became a parent, I gradually lost most of my childless friends.  Sure, we still chat once in a blue moon.  One of us will make a point to write on the other's facebook wall or send a chain letter email every once and again.  Some of them would even stop by for dinner after my babies went down for the night, which used to be quite nice.  But it's ha...more

My motherly instinct

Sometimes I second guess myself. I never used to until I had Aiden. Maybe it's because now there's this whole new person in the mix, whom I adore so much, that I am always concerned that I will make the best decision for him.When I made the choice to work outside the home over a month ago, It seemed so easy. More money = more things I can buy Aiden, and the higher quality of life we have. But sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I come home from work, and some days it's like he's mad. He's more difficult, he hits me, yells, crys, squirms....more

The Caucasian Asian…America’s mixed bag of beans

2010 was a Census year, and many of us were stuck filling out the paperwork and sending it back to the government in order to make sure we’re being counted correctly. Blah, blah, blah.But to be honest, the census caused me to re-think just who we are, as Americans. What with a half African, half Caucasian President, Obama seems to me to capture just who we, as Americans, are/have become….a mixed bag of beans....more